Synergies is a end game raid expansion and balance mod for Torchlight 2 that won EDITORS CHOICE BEST OVERHAUL: 2013 in the MOTY AWARDS!

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Oct 1st, 2013
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SynergiesMOd steams ahead with patch 320! More darknessfalls, more tweaks and more additions!

Echo pass monsters

  • -Remove reflective and deflective affixes off of echo pass monsters
  • All Socketables

    • Put level restrictions on all socketables again, unlike in vanilla the level required is equal to the level of the socketable.
        (now that they are able to be gotten outside of their level range at a more considerable chance, it needs to be addressed)

    The Znojmo Rift

    • Add one of the (easy- no legendary loot) world bosses to znojmo rift as the end boss!

    General Changes

      Changes to Echo pass starting area:
    • All harder monsters that can populate this area can now drop 2 potions, with higher chance of that being chosen.
    • Elite Csturm
    • Elite Ratman
    • Elite Ratman archer
    • Elite Warbeast
    • As well as the static Csturm_melee_intro monsters. (should be the moving melee ones that spawn randomly)
    • -- Remember you can also buy potions at the guy beside the destroyer
      Clockwork Crucible
    • Added another Swarm map to Selrock, fight the mercenaries and world bosses!
      Chaos Scrolls
    • Changed the boss spawns in the Chaos Scrolls to be the ones that spawn throughout the game. These ones do not drop the legendaries that the actual bosses from the dungeons drop. And are missing some of their spells
    • (minions)


  • Included for testing, needs a lot of work. come fight the Fahakin!
    • Fully realized, probably done
    • Fully realized, needs some visual sproucing still
      Or'Ak Pass / Or'Ak Basin
    • All trolls have had their damage outputs increased, they were still tweaked towards tier0 levels, and are infact part of tier1 so are being increased.
    • The three vendors in Tablemountain have had their price increased due to ease of use of the gold mine, and discouraging random leveling characters from using it without high cost.

    Berserker changes

      Ice shield
    • Ice shield is getting a bit of a drop in its OP'ness, now that berserkers are not restricted from wearing other classes gear like in vanilla TL2, and there are a wealth of gear options to make up for this, this should also help you consider putting more then minimal points in the skill to get use of it.
    • Duration 10 seconds, Recast 10 seconds
    • 1 skill point: 55% chance to reflect missiles for 30% missile dps.
    • Gain % chance to reflect per skill point spent for a maximum of 90% chance to reflect missiles
    • Gain 15% missile dps per tier for a maximum of 75%
    • Reducing the 100% immobilization to start at 45% and gain 2% per skill point for a maximum of 75% immobilization.
    • Duration starts at 1 second for 1 skillpoint, and gains a second for each tier invested, for a maximum of 4 seconds.


    • Removed Immobilization from the skill, will consider a new option for the tier3 bonus soon, going to pilot an epic resurrection spell!
  • It is time that synergies brings the vanilla classes up to par with the change in game balance, this is just the start. Somethings will be lowered, more will be increased.
  • Synergies allows Berserkers to use all armor, so their armor lacking missile deflection is not an argument as it would have been in vanilla, as well as the tier0 and 1 having missile deflection as well as new gems. Modify message
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    SynergiesMOD patch 320
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