Sword of Damocles: Warlords is a A-Historical Medieval Full Conversion for M&B Warband. It is a Sequel and a improved port of the the Sword of Damocles Modification on Classic M&B. This mod is based around the time of the fall of the knight and the rise of the mercenary.

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This modification is the best for Mount And Blade: Warband by far adding a huge new world map of Ponavosa, Twelve totally unique factions all re-created, adds 150+ castles, 300+ villages and 96 different towns.. More realism is added to this game and a great sense of history as well as excitment as you can create an empire more freely and have much more diplomatic control over situations and can send riders out to get you recruits to flourish and build your mighty army.... A STUNNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL MODIFICATION IN THE HIGHEST STANDARD!!!, the only downfall is it's lack of a storyline that really needs to be put in to make this game go to the top of my review charts. Try this mod out and love it!

Graphics (8.6/10)
Gameplay (8.3/10)
Narrative Story Telling: 4/10)
Maps: (7.2/10)
Skins (8.8/10)
Entertainment (9.1/10)
Modder's Efforts (8.7/10)
Technical (6.3/10)

Overall result: 8.7/10 = 87% on DaggerClassStudio's Game Mod Rating
= A Good Mod Game

~Christopher Carlisle James

great mod, but it leaves alot to be desired.

Amazing mod with tons of fresh features that other mods could definitely use, my favorites being new additions to fiefs and the dueling/surrendering system in battle. Lacking in a couple areas but i'm confident it will be in the top 5 warband mods when it's completed.

A great mod that is sure to offer endless hours of entertainment. Can't wait to see the finished product. Also if you enjoy this mod i highly recommend you try the original SOD for Mount and Blade(not Warband). Both SOD's are very entertaining but i find myself returning to the original SOD more often then it's newer Warband Test Combatant edition.

But as it stands i give SOD Test Combatant a 8/10. Great potential to be one of the greatest mods ever. After all it's little brother is HANDS DOWN the GREATEST mod EVER made for Mount and Blade.

Frustrating. Out of its depth. Lacking balance. Huge map, huge number of units. Big does not always mean good.
-Units aren't balanced. Certain empires mop up routinely
-Map textures are ugly and colors make certain text unreadable
-Locks players out of cheats
-Death camera needs work

Good effort, but it didn't improve on the original game because every new feature came with a new bug.


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