Welcome to the end of the JEDI the start of the empire in transition pirates and rebels are planning something, something BIG!

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Anywhere [OLD] AI Programmer & 3D Moddeler at ShockFiles

ai programmer & 3d moddeler shockfiles anywhere programmers we need these very quickly. ai programmer: skills needed: to be able to program bits of campaign units, tasks and dialogue! payment: being able to say you made part of that mod workplace: no swearing but wtf and other shorts may be used. respect the other members 3d modeler: skills: be able to make low poly professional models that can be exported as a .alo payment: to know you made the models for that mod workplace: no swearing but wtf and other shorts are allowed respect the other members to apply pls send shockwave317 a msg! apply now from: shockfiles head shockwave317

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