Sweet Half-Life is a single-player mod for Half-Life. It includes 3 new weapons and 5 new enemies. weapons: Minigun: Mowing down an area has NEVER been easier with this bad-ass! Be careful, as it shares ammo with the M16. M16: One of the mod's main attractions, the M16 is the coolest weapon. 50 round clip, MP5 grenades and a short reload sequence. Plasma gun: 60 round clip, 240 ammo carried, and the R-A-C-E's standard issue. Secondary fire uses a BIG shot of 10 rounds. Short reload sequence. Enemies: Minigun grunt: Was "Dumped" from the final game, but it's YOUR chance to see him NOW! Armed with a minigun at all times and its speed make it a weak class selection. R-A-C-E: Standard aliens, always with a plasma gun. there are only 9 seen in-game if you choose Route A (twist the valve), but a LOT more if you choose route B. Probe: Think they will take a picture of you? They will zap you instead. Will detonate when killed. Probe boss: This is a quite hard boss. Only...

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it's an exception I would take in, as it is.


One of the greats. Still lots of fun.

Great mod.
Nice anime scenes and some action.


Just great

Intense, crazy and with a teaspoon of Japan, this mod is not meant to be taken seriously, it is however incredibly fun with new weapons and enemies.

It's a blast, so give it a whirl on Sven-Co-op or alone, either method of play is tons of fun :)

One of the best HL mods, fitting well in the canon story, it's fun, well balanced in its difficulty, has funny and awesome moments, very good new bosses, a recurrent Garg, etc...

great mod

FANTASTIC! One of the best damn mods iv'e ever played!

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