Star Wars Conquest is a Mount&Blade; module which transforms a medieval world into the far, far away galaxy... with the same premises than the original game, this module offers an open sandbox where the player can do anything he wants. Based on a Galactic map and hundreds of planets.

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This is easily one of the best Star Wars modules for Mount and Blade, but the issue with it is - it is the only one. Whilst the mod is definitely not terrible, it requires an immense amount of polish before it can be truly flawless. That being said, the mod itself is wonderful; the navigation map is immense, the armor selection is wonderful, the method of joining a faction is very well-done, the ability to purchase space craft is astounding (Aside from one error, the Z-95 "Headhunter" using the Republic's Acclamator's model), the race selection is incredibly well-done, as-is the use of native voices whenever attacking. (Minus the Droid, the constant "Roger, roger!" gets a bit... tiresome.)

But the game needs immense amounts of polish. The Scout Trooper armor is sub-par which is odd considering the great quality of the Stormtrooper set. Sith robes are either lazily-done, or are in odd colors. (Teal? Really?) Certain weapons look just horrible (Texturing, the meshes are great.) The Wookie's model could be somewhat improved. The HK-47 droid part set is just horrible. (Engine limitations, so it is not necessarily the team's fault.) The R2 model droid chassis is one solid color with no detail what-so-ever. The IG-88 droid set also looks awful. Certain Mandalorian sets look horrible in means of texturing.

If the mod would not be dead, seeing updates that focus on polishing would be astounding, but this will more-than-likely go unheeded. Despite all of this, I find myself still enjoying the mod - but longing for more polish and eyecandy.

it needs a lot of work, but you already made it enjoyable guys keep up the good work and i know this mod will be great.....i mean greater :D

Pretty good mod.It would be better with Warband,but still as for M&B this modification is good.Few bugs,but those I can handle,although they are annoying so that 8/10.

Great game! But sadly the preview crashes, ALOT!

Fix this in the final version please :)

Great mod, but the absence of clones phase 2 and the CSI really makes me angry.

nice mod,but it needed a lot more updates.I guess it's dead

didnt know how to install but looks cool

I really enjoyed this mod. The few technical issues and bug aside, This is truly an amazing mod! I'd rate it higher but I'm apparently to new to the site to do so. My actual rating: 9/10

Can't wait for the next update, good job guys!

Good mod

This had to have taken a ton of work. It doesn't even look like mount and blade anymore, but has all its concepts. If you don't have it Already i would definately suggest it. I give props to the person who made this. It really takes mount and blade to a whole new standpoint.

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