Star Wars Conquest is a Mount&Blade; module which transforms a medieval world into the far, far away galaxy... with the same premises than the original game, this module offers an open sandbox where the player can do anything he wants. Based on a Galactic map and hundreds of planets.

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6 KingPizza

Jan 1st, 2015 0 people agree 0 people don't

Ok, I love it. However, So many bugs that annoy me. Like when emperor palpatine asked me to hunt someone down i went to the planet. I looked absolutely everywhere and he was nowhere to be seen. And GAMOR!!! i went there with my 40 sith masters that have taken out Jabba the hut. All of them died.... against 40 troops. Every single enemy was glitched outside the area possible and was shooting inside. when i finally managed to glitch myself out of the area i was supposed to guess what i find.... 40 troops with the guns pointed at yours kindly. Major bugs like this i can stand, Also fix darth vaders dang head ya buggerss

TheUnabridgedGamer says
6 TheUnabridgedGamer

Dec 28th, 2011 2 people agree 4 people don't

A good idea with certainly interesting execution, but also glitchy and a sense of lacking (especially in a sense of story). This mod is worth playing, but it's not necessarily perfect.

lolking29 says
6 lolking29

Jun 5th, 2015

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adriancon5 says
6 adriancon5

Jan 19th, 2015

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middlekid41 says
6 middlekid41

Jan 10th, 2014

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keagan09 says
6 keagan09

Jan 10th, 2014

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Sep 13th, 2013

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killer_176 says
6 killer_176

Jul 10th, 2012

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siveon says
6 siveon

May 30th, 2012

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UndefinedM says
6 UndefinedM

Feb 1st, 2012

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