Star Wars Conquest is a Mount&Blade; module which transforms a medieval world into the far, far away galaxy... with the same premises than the original game, this module offers an open sandbox where the player can do anything he wants. Based on a Galactic map and hundreds of planets.

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Unfortunately this mod is dead. And since I'm required to continue rambling to reach the minimum character mark I'm going to do that. This game was fun, but full of bugs, and then the development team abandoned it. Nothing else to say.

SWC is an awesome mod for Vanilla Mount & Blade. i really look forward to a port to Warband. one of my favourite mods of all time.


Just great

This is easily one of the best Star Wars modules for Mount and Blade, but the issue with it is - it is the only one. Whilst the mod is definitely not terrible, it requires an immense amount of polish before it can be truly flawless. That being said, the mod itself is wonderful; the navigation map is immense, the armor selection is wonderful, the method of joining a faction is very well-done, the ability to purchase space craft is astounding (Aside from one error, the Z-95 "Headhunter" using the Republic's Acclamator's model), the race selection is incredibly well-done, as-is the use of native voices whenever attacking. (Minus the Droid, the constant "Roger, roger!" gets a bit... tiresome.)

But the game needs immense amounts of polish. The Scout Trooper armor is sub-par which is odd considering the great quality of the Stormtrooper set. Sith robes are either lazily-done, or are in odd colors. (Teal? Really?) Certain weapons look just horrible (Texturing, the meshes are great.) The Wookie's model could be somewhat improved. The HK-47 droid part set is just horrible. (Engine limitations, so it is not necessarily the team's fault.) The R2 model droid chassis is one solid color with no detail what-so-ever. The IG-88 droid set also looks awful. Certain Mandalorian sets look horrible in means of texturing.

If the mod would not be dead, seeing updates that focus on polishing would be astounding, but this will more-than-likely go unheeded. Despite all of this, I find myself still enjoying the mod - but longing for more polish and eyecandy.

This mod makes many things easier that need to be and still allows a challenge. It makes you forget about vanilla Mount & Blade.

impressive. most impressive... but it is not a perfect mod yet

******* brilliant idea.

so far, it's one of the best mods around, even though i'm not much of a fan of star wars, but i say: THIS MOD IS AWESOME, even though there are some little flaws.

It's a really impressive modification. Especially when you consider how large the game world is and the amount of changes made. With the original stormtrooper armour and such, this is the greatest mod for Mount & Blade so far. But there are some issues dragging it down unfortunately. Random crashes, unbelievably hard starting areas (when you can't escape from gangs) and a few things in the dialouges that propably forgot to be changed. For example, in the dialouges when you want to join a faction, they haven't really changed that much. It really takes you out of the experience when you're talking to Emperor Palpatine and he sounds like he's from the middle-ages. The same goes for pretty much the people on moons/smaller worlds and they talk to you as if it's still the dark ages.

The AI is also a bit confusing, sometimes they can't hit the broadside of a barn if they were inside it, and sometimes they can hit me in the head from across the map. Lucky shots? Perhaps, but it's very frustrating when it happens in larger battles. And in larger battles, when the friendly AI reaches a certain distances from the enemy, they automatically switch weapons to swords/knifes and rush the enemy. This is unfortunate because sometimes, having your soldiers fire at the enemy in a bit closer range is far more profitable then having them go gun-ho into enemy lines.

So in conclusion, a fantastic mod with a few negatives that drag down the score because it throws you out of the experience pretty heavily.

Also, what is up with the bars? If you accidentely click on a patron inside it, they will tell you that you are an enemy and EVERYONE will immediately drop what they are doing and kill anything that moves. And I'm not kidding. So don't click on any other then merchants/bartenders in the bars. Or you'll spark the next galactic war for some reason.

it needs a lot of work, but you already made it enjoyable guys keep up the good work and i know this mod will be great.....i mean greater :D

Ok, I love it. However, So many bugs that annoy me. Like when emperor palpatine asked me to hunt someone down i went to the planet. I looked absolutely everywhere and he was nowhere to be seen. And GAMOR!!! i went there with my 40 sith masters that have taken out Jabba the hut. All of them died.... against 40 troops. Every single enemy was glitched outside the area possible and was shooting inside. when i finally managed to glitch myself out of the area i was supposed to guess what i find.... 40 troops with the guns pointed at yours kindly. Major bugs like this i can stand, Also fix darth vaders dang head ya buggerss

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