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[PR-IT]H.Maverick Project Reality IT-Support
Jan 29 2012 Anchor

I was playing Star Wars Empire At War FOC, and was thinking about adding the Zann consortium as a new faction, much like the Hutt Cartel but with other units and such.

And is it possibly to add Pod Racing as a way to win/make money in the game? like on Tatooine and Malastare and then win 1000-10000 credits.

3rd Place-1000credits
2nd Place-5000credits
1st Place-10000credits

Swyter Dream your Life      Live your Dreams
Jun 10 2012 Anchor

Haha, that would be cool. Let's see if we can include pod racing with Warband.
Doesn't looks too difficult, a big map with a dust road and checkpoints.


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Tezumina Honorary Sandwich
Jan 25 2013 Anchor

Dude, thats a great idea, good call ma man i support this


I Luuurve da monasss!

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