SWBF Unleashed is a mod with a super-crony name that has nothing to do with The Force Unleashed. Rather this mod is all about doing as I please. Key features New Visual Effects Completely Revamped Classes Several New Skins For Classes and Vehicles If you'd like to know more just ask or read some of the stuff you'll find.

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In this we're going to go over the classes of the four main Factions and go over Hunt Mode. Sound like fun? No? Well to bad read it anyway.

Republic Classes

Clone Trooper

An all round unit equipped with weapons to both take on infantry and vehicles alike.

Primary Weapons

Blaster Rifle - A weapon that maintains its accuracy while standing still and has little spread while running.
Blaster Pistol - A weapon designed for when the trooper runs out of ammo in his primary gun.

Secondary Weapons

Ion Pulse Attachment - An attachment for the troopers Blaster Rifle, designed to destroy droids in a single shot.
Concussion Pulse Attachment - An attachment for the Blaster Rifle to shoot a heavy concussion bolt that damages vehicles.

Assault Trooper

Heavy troopers with equipment designed to take on vehicles with ease and to blow up Droidekas.

Primary Weapons

Missile Launcher - A heavy duty weapon that heavily damages vehicles.
Blaster Pistol - A secondary weapon for when infantry get to close for comfort.

Secondary Weapons

Reverse Polarity Pulse Grenade - A grenade that disables vehicles and heavily damages Droidekas shields.
Mines - A support item that blows up if anything gets to close.

Clone Pilot

Skilled Pilots that support their fellow troopers on the battlefield and also take out infantry with ease.

Primary Weapons

EMP Launcher - A Anti-Infantry weapon that launches EMP Grenades across the battlefield.
Blaster Pistol - A weapon that is not very powerful but if the trooper has run out of ammo is invaluable.

Secondary Weapons

Fusion Cutter - A support tool that can repair vehicles and build support items.
Supply Dispenser - A support item that can give allies ammo and health.

Clone Sharpshooter

Skilled snipers that can drop enemy infantry from across the map.

Primary Weapons

Sniper Rifle - A powerful rifle that can drop up infantry with no warning what so ever.
Blaster Pistol - A weapon used when the enemy gets to close for comfort.

Secondary Weapons

EMP Grenade - A grenade that frys the internal systems of droids.
Remote Droid - A droid that is controled by the sniper to call down orbital bombardments.

Jet Trooper

Skilled elite troopers armed with the best weapons available.

Primary Weapons

Blaster Carbine - A weapon with three modes of fire.

Normal Fire - Fire a lot laser bolts off in quick succession until the clip is depleted.
Burst Fire - Fire a burst of three laser bolts and with it being a fully automatic weapon it is deadly in the hands of an expert.
Charged Shot - Fire a powerful charged shot that servilely damages infantry, if it hits the head it kills instantly.

Secondary Weapons

Thermal Detonator - A powerful grenade that wipes out all infantry in a large blast radius.

CIS Classes

Super Battle Droid

Powerful Droid units capable of taking on all foes.

Primary Weapons

Wrist Blaster - A powerful automatic weapon that can engage enemy's at distance and up close.
Low Energy Wrist Blaster - A weapon that shots low energy laser bolts designed for use if energy banks are running low.

Secondary Weapons

Wrist Rocket - A simple cheap rocket that is designed for use against infantry.
AV Wrist Rocket - A powerful rokcet that deals heavy damage to vehicles.[size]

Assault Droid

Heavy droid units designed to take out vehicles with ease.

Primary Weapons

Missile Launcher - A powerful weapon that shoots rockets capable of inflicting massive damage.
Blaster Pistol - A backup weapon in case enemy infantry get to close.

Secondary Weapons

Concussion Grenades - Powerful shock grenades that heavily damage vehicles.
Mines - A support weapon that blows up if anything gets to close to get.

Pilot Droid
Support units that can help out its friends while giving out fire to the enemy.

Primary Weapons

Radiation Launcher - A powerful Anti-Infantry weapon that launches radiation grenades into enemy lines.
Blaster Pistol - A simple weapon given to pilots as a back up weapon.

Secondary Weapons

Fusion Cutter - A support tool used to repair vehicles and support items.
Supply Dispenser - A utility to dispense supplies to friends.

Assassin Droid

A droid programmed with advanced combat mechanics.

Primary Weapons

Sniper Rifle - A powerful rifle that can kill anything with a single hit to the head.
Blaster Pistol - A simple close combat backup weapon.

Secondary Weapons

Fragmentation Grenade - A grenade that damages infantry with shrapnel.
Remote Droid - A droid used for scouting ahead and call orbiting strikes down.


Powerful Anti-Infantry units they deserved to be feared.

Primary Weapons

Repeating Blasters - Powerful blasters that can kill infantry very quickly.

Secondary Weapons
Shield Generator - Projects a powerful shield around the Droideka.

Rebel Classes

Rebel Trooper

The back bone of the Rebel Army equipped to take on any foe.

Primary Weapons

Blaster Rifle - Powerful Anti-Infantry blaster rifle, it shots much faster than in the CW era and can take out troops with ease.
Blaster Pistol - Mainly considered unessential on the trooper, they keep it in case there ammo gets depleted.

Secondary Weapons

Fragmentation Grenade - Cheap and simple grenades, damages foes with shrapnel caused by the blast.
Concussion Grenade - Powerful shock grenades that damage vehicles more than the troopers standard grenade.

Rebel Vanguard

The heavy troopers of the Rebel forces, capable of taking out tanks with ease.

Primary Weapons

Missile Launcher - Launches two tracking missiles at a time at vehicles that heavily damage them.
Blaster Pistol - Simple weapon given to the Vanguard to take on infantry.

Secondary Weapons

EMP Grenade - A powerful grenade that deals heavy damage to vehicles.
Mines - Simple support tool, that can be used against vehicles and infantry alike.

Rebel Pilot

Support infantry that can give ammo and fix vehicles/buildings.

Primary Weapons

Shotgun - A close quarters weapon that can fire off rounds of 5 bolts in quick succession.
Blaster Pistol - A weapon given to Pilots so they can engage foes at greater range.

Secondary Weapons

Fusion Cutter - A support tool, can be used to fix vehicles or build buildings.
Supply Dispenser - A support utility gives out Ammo and Bacta tanks.

Rebel Marksman

Support units, designed to take out infantry from a far.

Primary Weapons

Sniper Rifle - A Rifle that deals heavy damage to infantry a shot in the head results in a kill instantly on any human.
Blaster Pistol - Given to the sniper to defend herself should the enemy get in close quarters.

Secondary Weapons

Thermal Detonator - Heavy grenades killing all humans in a massive blast radius.
Recon Droid - A small droid used for scouting ahead or signalling bombardments.

Wookie Smuggler

Powerful warriors capable of taking out infantry very easily.

Primary Weapons

Bowcaster - Powerful weapon that can be uncharged to fire off rapid bolts, or charged to shot multiple bolts at once.
Commando Pistol - Very powerful pistol that shoots off three laser blasts in quick succession, takes a few seconds to recharge.

Imperial Classes

Storm Trooper

The most common trooper in the Imperial army, capable of destroying light and heavy units alike.

Primary Weapons

Blaster Rifle - A simple blaster that takes out infantry easily.
Blaster Pistol - A low power blaster to take on infantry when primary Ammo is depleted.

Secondary Weapons

Fire Grenade - A simple grenade that spews out fire killing enemy infantry.
Concussion Grenade - A grenade designed for taking out vehicles.

Shock Trooper

Heavy units for taking out any foe.

Primary Weapons

Missile Launcher - Launches a single powerful missile to take out vehicles or infantry.
Blaster Pistol - A backup weapon for use when the Missile Launcher isn't loaded.

Secondary Weapons

Poison Grenade - A grenade that spews out Poison over a large area, if attached to a vehicle before it goes off it temporarily makes the vehicle useless for a few minutes while the Poison sub-sides.
Mines - Powerful explosives, causes massive damage to vehicles.

Imperial Pilot

Support units equipped to aid others on the battlefield.

Primary Weapons

Shrapnel Cannon - A more deadly version of a shotgun, shots hot pieces of metal at foes.
Blaster Pistol - A simple weapon for use when the enemy is at range.

Secondary Weapons

Fusion Cutter - Support tool, used by pilots for repairing vehicles and other items on the battlefront.
Supply Dispenser - Utility for giving out bacta tanks and ammo.

Imperial Sniper

Anti-Infantry support units.

Primary Weapons

Sniper Rifle - A long range rifle, deadly to any human.
Blaster Pistol - A simple blaster for taking on infantry up close.

Secondary Weapons

Thermal Detonators - Powerful grenades only vehicles can survive the explosion that comes from this.
Remote Droid - Used by imperials for scouting ahead and for pin pointing locations from a Star Destroyer.

Dark Trooper - Phase II
Heavy units, tough to take out. Has a Jetpack with a good stock of fuel.

Primary Weapon

Blaster Cannon - A heavy duty gun, kills most infantry in two hits. Deals damage to vehicles as well.

Hunt Mode
No this is not like SWBFII's hunt mode. This mode is a Singleplayer mode, in it you take control of a unit that can only be played in hunt mode. And you hunt the natives of the planet who've caused you some grief.

Geonosis: Hunt
Faction: Republic
Enemy: Geonosians
Your goal is to eliminate a group of Geonosians who've been showing great support for the CIS and have been attacking are garrisons. We've tracked them to a rock out crop, you'll be entering from cover to give you a chance to use stealth.
Arc Trooper
Duel Pistols - Two pistols that combined provide a deadly weapon.

Kashyyyk: Hunt
Faction: Empire
Enemy: Wookies
Your goal is to eliminate a group of Wookies who have escaped from detention and have been citing rebellion. We've tracked them to a valley, you'll be entering at sunset from the forest. Kill them all.
Darktrooper Phase 1
Virbroblade - A deadly blade that can kill infantry with extreme ease.
Basic Repair - A simple repair ability allowing you to heal over time.

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SWBF SleepKiller Edition

SWBF SleepKiller Edition

3 years ago Full Version 1 comment

The mods's first release it used to be under a different name hence why the D/L is called so.

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Guest Nov 11 2014 says:

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RC01/138 Apr 15 2012 says:

it always crashes my game

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SleepKiller Creator
SleepKiller Apr 17 2012 replied:

Well that's not supposed to happen, I can't give much support over the comment feed. But you are running the 1.2 patch right?

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RC01/138 Apr 20 2012 replied:


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RC01/138 Apr 10 2012 says:

how does it work?

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SleepKiller Creator
SleepKiller Apr 10 2012 replied:

For ease of use you can get an installer for the latest version of the mod here Starwarsbattlefront.filefront.com Hope you enjoy.

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RC01/138 Apr 12 2012 replied:

how do i do hunt mode? ya know, with the dual pistols and stuff?

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