Mod cancelled. 1.2 and 1.3 will continue to be available and assets from the new version will be available once cleaned up.

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duty326 says

this is so ******* awsome


tomzgunner says

nice mod, i really enjoyed new feel of pripyat :D


Daemonion says

I was very impressed with my first go at the mod.

Weapon audio is nice and crisp and recoil is the best I've experienced in the series yet.

Overall, it seems very polished and this will be my go to mod for now. Good feature list but not bloated with new stuff. Atmosphere integration is smooth.

Install is very easy.


JuggernautOfWar says

Excellent job on this mod! My only complaint is frequent crashing in Jupiter map. Nothing a patch can't resolve though. Because the stability issues and a few glaring animation bugs I have to give it 8/10, but that's still really high in my book.


Veniathan says

I highly recommend Swartz for those that want a small overhaul.

This mod is great, it's nicely done and the quality is in no doubt very good.

The new radioactivity system may be frustrating for the most, however once you learn what materials have radioactivity you pick up from there.

-Bushes trap radioactivity
-Concrete walls can be full of it


I have 178 hours of CoP and 32 hours from that time is only gameplay from Swartz.

Well done with the mod.

However there are some small negatives.

-Certain weapons have awkward animations, standing out way too much from the game

-Some textures also stand out and do not properly have the "zone" feel to it but instead look like polished mirrors.

Other than that, very fun!


Bupkus says

A fantastic mod that really focused on something that was previously not a side-note of the series and of all of its mods. Radiation was supposed to be a killer, but I only died from it at the Sarcophagus; now I have to decide whether its worth the easy way through the swamps or to take the long route just to avoid the silent killer. This mod also brings a lot to the table as a fairly complete game-changer, and the name should certainly be at least as big as Reloaded or Redux. I greatly enjoyed playing with the Swartz mod, and I'll be reinstalling it as soon as I finish up with MISERY


MorsTactica says

Awesome mod!

Pros:I enjoyed how it added realism but still allowed to to be a game. I love the new M14s and other NATO weaponry, as well as the new textures and models for old things. It breathes a lot of new life into this game.

Cons: Sometimes the AI doesn't come out "combat mode" and refuses to talk to you, But that's Xray for you.

All in all very nice, well rounded mod.


C-zom says

If SGM is too much of a simulator for you (I can't blame you) then this is the best mod for CoP. Its immersive, simulator and A-Life oriented, and opens up the world while introducing tons of new AI features (Companions! Making squads of rookies! Camping!) and new weapons and much, much more like Atmosfear 3.


Tillscheni says

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