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Mod cancelled. 1.2 and 1.3 will continue to be available and assets from the new version will be available once cleaned up.

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I'm about half way done with the next release of Swartz mod.

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UPDATE 5/13: Help wanted! PM me if you'd like to help.
I need people willing to do the following:
*Compile a list of all weapons with mis-aligned iron sights
*Write up new descriptions for the artifacts to reflect their new properties
*Decide/balance the pricing on all the weapons (including those in 1.3, I'd send you the details)
*Update traders stock with new weapons and ammo (with information I'd provide for 1.3)
ALL of this would be a huge help and would get the mod released fairly quick. At this point I just need the above and a few other things done and then it's just a matter of waiting for Absolute Nature 3.

*Changes updated 5/12. New changes in italics*

I'm still chipping away at 1.3, and pretty soon I'll need volunteers for both testing as well as config editing (basically stuff I'm too lazy to do). I could also use someone who is good at aligning iron sights (and I have a tool you can use for it).

Anyways, here's the latest in addition to the features I posted last time:

  • More weapons added: PP2000, KSVK, Sako TRG-22, PP-19 Bizon, RPK-74
  • Added ability to loot money from corpses
  • Added a medic that spawns after Tremor dies (thanks Gannebamm and ThunderFreak)
  • Added Amik smoke particle effects to my shell ejection particles and adapted an Amik effect for weapon smoke from firing
  • Lots of new weapon sounds (FAL now sounds like a proper 7.62x51mm weapon)
  • Footstep sounds included from Misery (thanks N.Aaroe)
  • Replaced sprint animations for lots of guns (thanks to marsalandrei)
  • Revamped damage from guns, NPC damage and player damage
  • Fixed a few bugs based on feedback and adjusted some mutant spawn locations to avoid conflicts
  • Added a debug script to the radiation system in-case it screws up and
    leaves the player with an animation playing when it shouldn't (thanks to
    gannebamm for the script, this should help pinpoint what is going wrong
    for those few select people)
  • Added select new music from S.T.A.L.K.E.R Music Expanded for SOC by Sclera
  • Special characters now have special guns. Examples: Merc squad leader in Zaton has an M249 w/ eotech, Bandit leader in Jupiter has a Saiga with a drum magazine, etc.
  • Sergey Grigorovich makes a special appearance...
  • Re-enabled as many attachments as possible for weapons, NPC's will diversify with them as well
  • Creatures move faster, do more damage and are more irradiated
  • Replaced weapon models for RPK, Abakan, Saiga, UMP-45 (now actually uses a UMP rather than a USC model), Aek 919k, FN FAL.
  • New Aimpoint scope for AEK 919k, and PP2000

As I said I'm now approximately half way 3/4th's done. I'd like to delay the release until Absolute Nature 3 is released but that depends on how soon that happens. I now feel I have enough content going that 1.3 could be released within a month or two.

Here's a video I posted a while ago that got buried in the comments. It's a very WIP video of Swartz mod v1.3:


I'm still playing 1.2 of this off and on, got the M-60 finally, I'm willing to test version 1.3 when it's available for a beta.

Thanks for continuing work on your mod, it would of been sad seeing it stop development at the currently released version, even though it's already quite challenging and enjoyable.

Thanks for the update,


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MSwartz Author

Thank you.

When it comes time to test I'll let you know.

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"*M82a1* (removed 4/24)"

Aw. Well, I'm sure there was a good reason for it's removal. Looking forward to your next release. :)

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Hope you fix the sound of the .44 mag gun.. can't remember which one, but it is wrong commented.. when a ncp shoots it from let's say 200-300 meters, it sounds like it's being shot right next to the actor.. :)

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MSwartz Author

I fixed this.

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