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Mod cancelled. 1.2 and 1.3 will continue to be available and assets from the new version will be available once cleaned up.

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I have good news for once. Perhaps people will not hate me for this.

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Swartz mod v1.4/1.9 is now officially cancelled....however, 2.0 is now a GO! :D
You may think this sucks, but it's good news for me. Bangalore contacted me and wants to test his maps soon, which means after testing I can populate these new maps however I want and make the mod I intended to make. It also means I don't have to rush to finish things which I was starting to feel I needed to do, and it's not fun to be put in that position.
This is better for me as I am really sick of the vanilla maps and game and luckily his mod doesn't contain the vanilla maps, which means a new storyline (or maybe it will be a freeplay mod, I'm not sure).

I don't want to waste time working on 1.4/1.9 anymore when I hate vanilla maps anyways and I'll be able to do what I intended to do before long. This does mean you can kiss the November/December estimate I gave goodbye, but that's for the better as I am VERY pressed for time and there are still some big bugs I need to iron out.

Speaking of which, if any of you reading this do any scripting I need a script looked at which is available already through GWR mod, but I can provide my modified version. It's the script responsible for gibbing, but sometimes it causes the game to crash on the player dying, which is obviously not acceptable. Send me a PM if you think you can help.

Likewise, and I hate to say this, but dual aiming isn't without it's flaws. Basically there are two issues with it:
1) You can run at full speed, jump, etc. when aiming down a scope on a weapon with alternate sights
2) After some testing I noticed that the zoom weapon parameters (decreased spread and recoil when zoomed in, etc.) do not take effect with the "alternate scopes" it's required to use.
So if anyone thinks they can come up with a better script for doing this stuff again let me know, otherwise people are just going to be forced to deal with a few engine shortcomings.

This means full set of features will be included, nothing removed like I was going to do before.
also finished a new feature recently: if a headshot is lethal,
sometimes it will cause the victim's brains to splatter along with a
nice big puff of blood (same particle effect that is apparently enabled
in Multiplayer by default, but I've never played multiplayer).
I'm assuming this news will make some of you irritated, but it makes me happy, and that's all that matters ;)


Awesome news man, good to see that Vanilla maps are being done away with! Good luck and thank you for your contribution so far!

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Actually, even if you do figure out the whole alternate scope issue, it might be neat to see improved mobility at the cost of reduced handling and accuracy with close range optics / iron sights, and more traditional scope mechanics with the higher zoom optics.

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Wait, Bangalore's maps are the ones in his mod "Call of Chernobyl" right? Damn, you're going to populate and create quests for all of those huh? Have fun with that one!

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Bangalore Online

Yep. :)
The maps will be populated with smarties/respawn (cyclic alife), Jket have to edit alife as he would like to see.

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I'm giddy with this news! I cannot wait for 2.0, now I wish I could script :-/

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What's so bad about vanilla maps?

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MSwartz Author

I've played them a million times and I'm tired of them. There are other reasons but I'm too lazy to list them right now.

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Sounds like you made the right choice. Best of luck!

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