Mod cancelled. 1.2 and 1.3 will continue to be available and assets from the new version will be available once cleaned up.

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Shader tweaks - Indoor light
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Did you increase the gloss by any chance? If not, nice. The floor and metal looks better, the gloss buffs it quite a lot!

Also, the shadows indeed look better. The 2 doors are proof of this. The bottom of the door is too dark for the lightning in the scene, where as the new shaders soften the hardness of the shadows quite a lot, creating a more life-like representation. Technical stuff aside, looks great jket! :)

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MSwartz Author

Gloss and all other settings are the same in both screenshots.

I can send you the shader if you want to see for yourself (or you can grab it from OGSM CS 1.8 Community Editon) :)

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Personally I still don't like it. I see you made it darker, but you didn't do anything to lighten the areas that were already dark (it's an issue I had with SFX until I tweaked it better) and that has the effect of making areas that were somewhat dark before become really dark. You can clearly see what I mean if you look at his face, most of it is now covered by darkness.
I do like the idea of taking some of that yellow tint out to make the picture seem darker, but I think that you also need to lighten the darks and maybe the mid-tones to even them out. Hopefully these shaders will be an optional bit.
Don't take this next bit wrong, but I don't get the purpose of your messing with shaders in the first place. You set out to change up the inventories and gameplay, so stick to that, don't go trying to do little changes all over the place, that's what the soup is for. Especially considering that anybody can easily tweak these to their liking with SFX, I know I know, not the same thing, but the visual result is largely the same. Plus assuming it's an optional feature it feels like your time could be better spent on the important bits, bits that very few people could do as well as you have done in the past.

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MSwartz Author

Update on Cook-Torrance/Float32 lighting: I got it working. In fact I feel like an idiot for not realizing why it wasn't working before.
However, in CoP the default lighting looks better for outdoors, and for indoors the light-model shown here is better.

As for the shadows image, if anyone is wondering where that went, I decided to stick with default shadow shader since the other one has performance problems on 4 passes (same number as vanilla but bigger performance hit is not worth it).

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Shader by OGSE & Sky4CE. Orginally for Clear Sky, works great in CoP (though like I mentioned in my news post, I'd prefer to get Cook-Torrance lighting correctly working instead).

It's subtle but look at the difference on the floor, and notice how it doesn't get as over-bright (which is one main fix it has).

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