Same mod, different name, The Galactic Empire, the Rebel Alliance, Black Sun Pirates, and the Droid Empire , fight for control of the galaxy.

The Galactic Empire and Rebel Alliance continue to clash across the galaxy, while a new enemy to both sides begins to build thier armies and fleets in the region of the galaxy known as Wild Space, IG-88A's Droid Empire.

Play as the Galactic Empire, Rebel Alliance, or the new Droid Empire.

Decide the Galaxy's Fate: Freedom, Oppression, Corruption or Annhilation!

"It happened in an instant, thousands of ships dropping out of hyperspace. Lucrehulks, Munificents Frigates, Wavecrest Frigates, Dreadnaught Cruisers, Aggressor Destroyers, more ships then we had guarding Coruscant. And at the center of this entire fleet was the Droid fleet flagship, the IG-4000, IG-88A's personal ship, a star dreadnaught that's power rivaled that of the Executor. They overwhelmed the outer defenses and surge forward towards the Capital. The Golan Defense Platforms didn't even make a dent in their fleet. They were nothing more than bantha fodder for the Droids. As I looked on from the bridge of the Chimera I could see them all. Hundreds, thousands of them, maybe even millions, Vultures swarming over the planetscape of Coruscant. From what I heard from refugees who escaped Coruscant, in some places their numbers darkened the skies over the planet. The droids used the Vultures as kamikaze weapons to overwhelm the planetary shields. When the shields fell, debris from the space battle raging above, begun to rain down onto the planet. But before any large chunks could reach the planet's atmosphere, the Droid's destroyed them. It was obvious they wanted as much of the city intact as possible. The only thing they didn't care to keep intact were the people.

As you can guess, the entire battle brought up memories of the Clone Wars and the Battle of Coruscant. The only difference was those droids were mostly lead by non-droid generals, commanders, and admirals. These were lead by droids originally designed as assassins, killing machines!

Sometime later I discovered why Vader hadn't personally lead the attack against the Droid Empire's armada. It was because he and the Emperor had fled the planet, later claiming it was the decision of the Emperor advisor's to relocate the Emperor for his protection. I still wonder if that was the reason."

―Gilad Pellaeon, after the Droid Empire took over Coruscant.

Imperial Hero and unit lists (Has been updated again)

Rebel Alliance Hero and unit lists (Has been updated again)

Droid Empire Hero and unit lists (Has been updated again)

Complete list of new changes and features.

Post Mod Bugs

Secondary mod Link provided by Remcovana (Old Version)

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RSS feed Articles

Updated Unit List

1 year ago News 1 comment

I've adjusted the list of units that will be in the mod. I've added a few new ones and removed a lot of old ones. Please DO NOT ask about the Super Ships for each faction, I am currently deciding which ones I will be adding, and I'm NOT taking suggestions.

This is a list of what's being added, not the full unit list. All units found in the previous version not on this list will not be in the next, excluding base game units. DO NOT ask me to add a unit back in, Period!!

Galactic Empire

TIE Heavy Bomber
Scimitar Bomber
Lancer-class corvette
Imperial Gozanti Cruiser - Carries two Tie Fighters
Imperial Fleet Carrier(A fanon designed ship)
Strike-class Medium Cruiser
Gladiator-class Star Destroyer

Imperial Strike Platoon(Includes Stormcommandos, Imperial Snipers, Imperial Engineers, and a Stormtrooper Commander)
PLEX Stormtroopers
TIE Fighter(Land)
TIE Interceptor(Land)

Captain Gilad Pellaeon
501st Vader's Fist
Moff Jerjerrod
Baron Fel and the 181ST Squadron

(Story Campaign Only Heroes)
Admiral Ozzel and The Executor(Tech 5)
High General Tagge - Uses a Imperial Gargantuan (Tech 4)
Admiral Motti - Uses a Victory-II SD(Tech 4)

Rebel Alliance

T-wing Interceptor
MC40 light cruiser
W-wing Interceptor
Resolute-class Cruiser
Liberator-class Carrier/Cruiser

Rebel Strike Platoon(Includes Infilitrators, Rebel Snipers, Rebel Engineers, and a Bothan Spy)
Wookiee Warriors
Swoop Bike Scout
AAC Tank
Armored Freerunner
Rebel Juggernaut

Jan Ors
Leia Organa
Lando Calrissian
Rianna Saren

Droid Empire

(Unit list for the Droid Empire not complete)
Vulture-class Droid starfighter
Droid Assault Fighter(Modified Pirate Fighter)
Droid Tri-Fighter
Hyena-class Droid Bomber
Droid Assault Bomber
Lupus Missile Frigate
Trade Fed Corvette
Auxilia-class pursuit Destroyer
Acquisitor-class Star Destroyer

HK Battledroids
Sentinel Droids
Droid Stormtroopers
Armored Assault Tank(AAT)
Droid Empire Artillery(Ball Cannon)

General Necrosis-"Fist of Grievous"-Providence Destroyer
DT3-005 - Commands the Factory ship Iron Nemesis. Also a Land Hero.
TR-C21 - Acquisitor SD - "Gears of War"
Eastar Egg Heroes

Rebuilding the mod

Rebuilding the mod

1 year ago News 7 comments

I've decided to toss out the old mod and remake it.

An update to remove bugs (other than Geonosian bugs)

An update to remove bugs (other than Geonosian bugs)

1 year ago News 8 comments

I going to make an update to remove any bugs in mod. (Doesn't include Geonosian bugs)

Why me??

Why me??

2 years ago News 15 comments

Why can't this stupid game work me and not be a total pain in the back side?!

Changes for Version 2.0

Changes for Version 2.0

2 years ago News 21 comments

Changes I've made for next version of Super Star Wars. Higher POP cap for the big ships, lower credit income for planets, and a Mand'alor.

RSS feed Downloads
Mega Icon Pack

Mega Icon Pack

1 year ago Sprites 3 comments

So big I changed it from Ultimate to Mega Icon Pack. This pack contains over 545 icons.

New Planet Land maps

New Planet Land maps

2 years ago Singleplayer Map 5 comments

Some new planet land maps for FOC. Contains fourteen maps altogether.



2 years ago Models Pack 2 comments

This pack contains various models which are mostly reskins I've made of different infantry units and buildings.

Clone Wars and TOR Icon Pack

Clone Wars and TOR Icon Pack

2 years ago Sprites 4 comments

This pack contains over 196 icons, all Clone Wars and The Old Repubic, including, Darth Malgus, Satele Shan, Jace Maclom, and the Sith Emperor. The Clone...

Vulture Droid and Droid Trifighter model pack

Vulture Droid and Droid Trifighter model pack

3 years ago Models Pack 12 comments

These are the Vulture Droid and Droid Trifighter models I converted for use in Super Star Wars. I improved the textures and created a CIS variant texture...

Admiral Ace's Ultimate Icon Pack

Admiral Ace's Ultimate Icon Pack

3 years ago Sprites 4 comments

This pack contains over 470 icons for SW Empire at War FOC, with more Clone Wars and GCW icons, plus icons from TOR, including, Darth Malgus, Satele Shan...

Post comment Comments  (540 - 550 of 835)
Captain-Rex(501st) Oct 16 2012 says:

great mod realy.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Admiral-Ace Creator
Admiral-Ace Oct 15 2012 says:

News update coming 3 to 10 hours, all depends on the site.

+1 vote   reply to comment
GrandAdmiralUehara Oct 13 2012 says:

I remember hearing something about an AT-AT Titan. Is that still in the mod?

+2 votes     reply to comment
Khanti Oct 1 2012 says:

I hope there will be beta available soon to test.
You can post it at storage page anywhere and give link to testers then delete it.
Some my thoughts about planned things in your mod:
1. Venators are buildable by ALL sides. GOOD.
2. All planets have higher credit income. GOOD.
3. Speaking of which, the Death Star now costs 28,000. BAD. What about 280,000? :) Plus it should takes MANY weeks to produce.
4. All planets are in their canon postions. GREAT.
5. Starbases have increase garrisons for GC. GOOD.
6. All starbases still have infinite reserve forces. - I prefere FINITE resources. What about giving them MORE but FINITE forces?
7. Fleet commanders now have their own starship. GOOD.
8. New infantry units based off Battlefront. Basic Infantry, Missile Infantry, Snipers, Engineers, and 2 specialized types. GOOD.
9. All stock/Vanilla ships now have a larger number of weapons. GOOD.
10. Shield points and Tactical health have been raised for most starships. GOOD.
11. Added Imperial III-class Star Destroyer. I LIKE IT ;)
12. Mon Calamari can only produce capital ships for the New Republic. I suggest it can only produce Calamarian ships (eg not Republic Star Destroyer or New Fleet program ships if they will ever be in mod).
13. Trade Ports can be built on any planet. The income created from these is like the Grand Arena. GOOD.
14.Victory I-class Star Destroyer has 8 Turbolasers and 6 Concussion Missile Launchers. LOVE IT - another GREAT thing :) I just don't understand WHY Vanilla and some mods have VSD without missiles.
15. Imperial I-class Star Destroyer with 4 Tie Interceptor Squadrons, 12 Tie Fighter Squadrons, 5 Tie bomber Squadrons, 4 Skipray Blastboast Squadrons.
Is it not too much squadrons? How well starfighters will fight against capitals? What about turbolasers/lasers accuracy? I worry you will have TOO MUCH fighters in battles.
16. Added Liberator-class Carrier/cruiser. GREAT. Waiting for Dauntless cruiser :)

Keep it coming Admiral.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Admiral-Ace Creator
Admiral-Ace Oct 3 2012 replied:

First off, I think you have been reading really old news posts. A lot in the mod has change, mostly the rebels are still

the rebels, not the New Republic.

Both the first and second Death Stars can be built. They can be built on Fondor, Geonosis, Endor, Despayre, The Maw, and

Eriadu. The first Death Star now cost 80,000 Credits to build and the Second 85,000. Both take 10 minutes to build, much

then they used to. I not changing any of it any further.

Only the fighters and bomber are finite or limited. As for the corvettes and frigates they are still unlimited, because these come from hyperspace, which means they can come from ANYWHERE in the galaxy.

The Imperial-III SD is no longer in the mod.

Mon Calamari can build capital ships for any faction, but the Rebel's Home One-class can only be built on Mon Cal.

I might be changing the number of fighters and bombers that the ISD1 and ISD2, but when the ISD1 comes into battle it launches 2 Tie Fighter squads, 1 Tie interceptor squad, 1 Tie Bomber squad, and 1 skipray squad. The ISD2 launches 2 Tie Fighter squads, 1 Tie interceptor squad, 1 Tie Bomber squad, and 1 Tie heavy Bomber squad. Also starfighters shouldn't do squat to capitals. Most corvettes and frigates should shred fighters and bombers.

And finally, BOTH the Liberator and the Dauntless are in the mod, but can only be built from Sullust.

You should also check the links at the top of the page to find out about everything.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Khanti Oct 4 2012 replied:

Thanks for answer and clarification!
1. Both Death Stars should be pricey to build. I can not tell if 80.000 is enough, as I don't know how easy/difficult will be to earn credits in mod.
2. "As for the corvettes and frigates they are still unlimited, because these come from hyperspace, which means they can come from ANYWHERE in the galaxy." - I see your point. Fair enough.
3. Mon Calamari could build any capital ships for any faction, but Mon Calamarian ships (MC40, MC 80) should be buildable on Mon Calamari planet. Right?
4. Starfighters. If they come in waves (after destroying former ones) that could be OK. I thought that ships will pump out tons of fighters at the start of battle.
5. Glad to hear both the Liberator and the Dauntless are in the mod. I hope Imperial-III SD will also be someday :)
6. Victory II-class Frigate as imperial equilvent to the Nebulon-B is a little strange because Nebulon-B was imperial frigate anyway :)

+2 votes     reply to comment
GrandAdmiralUehara Oct 10 2012 replied:

How hard would it be and how long would it take to give the Imperials the Nebulon-B? Because as Khanti said it was fielded by the the Imperials as well as the Rebels, and so giving it to the Empire would add more realism to the mod.

Also, any particular reason why the Imperial III ISD was dropped from the mod? I was really looking forward to it.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Admiral-Ace Creator
Admiral-Ace Oct 15 2012 replied:

Just didn't like the ISD III and the Empire had too many ships as it is, which is why I think I'm not giving them a Nebulon.

+2 votes   reply to comment
dachiakia Oct 2 2012 replied:

I agree with half of the Death Star one, but if both parts were implemented then it would practically become useless, would it not? Not sure what you mean by the infinite and finite resources, but I'm going to say infinite is probably better as games with finite resources basically give you a time limit. The Mon Calamari shipyards are capable of building other ships, but I'll hand that one to you anyways. It may be too many squadrons, but it's kind of a good thing as it'll make you think about what ships go into your army, making room for anti fighter and anti ship and such.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Admiral-Ace Creator
Admiral-Ace Sep 30 2012 says:

Now have my new laptop, already installed EAW/FOC. I've also installed some of my other games, Sins of a Solar Empire Trinity, SW Battlefront 2, Republic Commando, and Galactic Civilations II.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Khanti Oct 1 2012 replied:

So, please tell us when you're releasing the mod.

PS: orginally was "So please, Don't ask when I'm releasing the mod." ;-)

-1 votes     reply to comment
DeathAssassin116 Oct 4 2012 replied:

It will be released when it's done. It's a annoying to see that in every mod. People are always bugging the hell out of people making the mods to hurry up and release it or asking when it will be done. Simply put, the modders and who ever else is working on the mod, will finish it when they're done. They're not going to rush it just because people get impatient. You can wait it out, just like the rest of us. ;p

+1 vote     reply to comment
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