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This is a list of the heroes of the Droid Empire, plus bios for each one. I included Bios of the Droids that exist in Star Wars Canon.

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This is a list of the heroes of the Droid Empire, plus bios for each one. I included bios of the Droids that exist in Star Wars Canon and included what their role is in SSW. The ones listed at the bottom Do Not exist in canon.


((4-8C Bio from Wookieepedia))

4-8C, or For-Atesee, was an IG-series assassin droid who served as an Imperial Grand Moff and a member of the Imperial Redesign Team during the Galactic Civil War. Devising a project, The Heart of Steel, without any permission from High Command, 4-8C sought to position himself as a hero of the Empire by creating a program that could override every computer within the galaxy.
However, his plans turned sour when the experimental droid B-1D4, carrier of The Heart of Steel virus, was caught in a battle and salvaged by Dilrath, a Skrilling junk merchant. Tracking B-1D4 there, 4-8C discovered that the droid had in fact been sold to one Captain Han Solo, a Rebel sympathizer. 4-8C then enlisted the help of Captain Kassihm and journeyed to Dweem, believing that Solo had fled there. The expedition proved to be uneventful, and 4-8C surmised that B-1D4 had in fact hijacked the Millennium Falcon and taken it to Imperial Center. There, The Heart of Steel deactivated the planetary defenses, causing havoc at the capital. Realizing that his project could be jeopardized, he raced to Merakai, where Solo and the droid were being held. 4-8C broke into the prison, started a riot, and rescued the droid, only to be deactivated and dismantled by Kassihm while escaping the scene.

(Super Star Wars Storyline)

Somewhere around 1.5 ABY, IG-88B discovered 4-8C and brought him back to Mechis III. IG-88A rebuilt him after searching his memory files and discovered 4-8C's Heart of Steel virus. 88A reprogrammed him to serve him and the other three IG-88s, and now serves also as a Moff for the Droid Empire. IG-88A hopes to use the Heart of Steel virus to help in the eventual Droid Uprising.

N-K Necrosis

((N-K Necrosis Bio from Wookieepedia))
N-K Necrosis was a highly advanced combat droid created from the body of the late General Grievous of the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Galactic Civil War. Doctor Nycolai Kinesworthy, a cybernetic scientist, was hired by the Galactic Empire to create the Necrosis droid. Dubbing the project "N-K," Kinesworthy established a shop in the Myyydril Caverns on the planet Kashyyyk to begin work on the droid. He eventually hired the scientist Treun Lorn to help advance the project. After Lorn hired the assassin droid IG-72 to retrieve a pair of outdated IG-100 MagnaGuards to serve as N-K's bodyguards, the dark side Prophetess Merili led the two scientists to one of Emperor Palpatine's secret storehouses on Utapau, where she provided them with the mechanical body of the cyborg Grievous.
After placing an advanced droid brain in the mechanical body, Kinesworthy dubbed the completed project "N-K Necrosis," and renamed the aging MagnaGuards "NK-3." The NK-3s instructed Necrosis on how to fight with a lightsaber, with Necrosis wielding a double-bladed lightsaber that contained the Bane's Heart crystal. At some point around the Battle of Yavin, Lorn stole Necrosis and his NK-3 bodyguards to use them for his own purposes. In 1.5 ABY, a group of spacers investigated the lower regions of the Myyydril Caverns at the behest of Kinesworthy. During their investigations, the group inadvertently aided Lorn in activating Necrosis. They then defeated both N-K Necrosis and his bodyguards before taking whatever they deemed valuable.

(Super Star Wars Storyline)
Although IG-72 had no interest in helping the IG-88s, he did tell IG-88A about Necrosis. A few weeks after Necrosis's was defeated by the spacers, IG-88A had 88D retrived the remains of Necrosis and rebuilt him to serve as a General for the Droid armys. Even though Necrosis has pledged his loyalty to the IG-88s, he plans to destroy them and take over the Droid armys and conquer the Galaxy. Since most of NK's parts, including his lightsaber and mask were taken, IG-88A replaced them with new ones, mostly trying to make NK look like Grievous to make people across the galaxy belive that the infamous droid general had returned. Necrosis' flagship is a Providence Destroyer named the "Fist of Grievous"


((OOM-9 Bio from Wookieepedia))
OOM-9 was a B1 battle droid created by Baktoid Combat Automata prior to the invasion of the planet Naboo in 32 BBY. OOM-9 was selected to serve as a command battle droid for the invasion, leading Trade Federation forces into battle and achieving great success during the early stages of the campaign. Under OOM-9, Trade Federation troops defeated the forces of the Naboo at the First Battle of Harte Secur and the First Battle of Spinnaker, before capturing the capital city of Theed. The invasion ultimately turned against the Trade Federation when the Gungan Grand Army rallied to the cause of Naboo Queen Padmé Amidala and moved to engage the Trade Federation Droid Army on the Great Grass Plains. OOM-9 was once again charged with leading the battle droids to victory and soon overwhelmed the Gungan forces. However, the concurrent Naboo Space Battle went against the Trade Federation, seeing the destruction of a Lucrehulk-class Droid Control Ship. With the loss of the control ship, OOM-9 and his troops all powered down, halting on the verge of victory.

((Super Star Wars Storyline))
32 years later, OOM-9 was discovered by 88B on Raxus Prime. He was rebuilt to serve as a Field Commander for the Droid Armys. He commands a enhanced AAT equipped with a shield generator and is usually escorted by two other AATs and Droideka MKIIs.

----Fanon Droid Heroes----
One of the first Phase 3 Darktroopers built by the Droid Empire after the droids obtain blueprints of the Phase one, two and three Darktroopers. DT3 was programmed with the collective knowledge of the entire DT program, virtually becoming a droid clone of Rom Mohc. He's since created several of his own designs, including the Phase 4, a enlarged Phase 3 design to be as big as an AT-AT. DT3's flagship is the Iron Hammer, an almost exact replica of the Arc Hammer, but with a wider hull and far greater fire power. DT3 stands for Darktrooper Phase 3 and 005 means he was the fifth Darktrooper built by the Droid Empire.

A Protocol droid that was reprogrammed by 88A to serve as an Admiral to the droid fleets, TH-C21 has almost every type of fleet tactic programmed into his memory banks. His flagship is the Gears of War,(Not to be confused with something else) a stolen Imp SD, equipped with heavier shields, a faster sublight-drive, and torpedoes, missiles, and mass drivers. The TH stands for Thrawn, as IG-88 wanted him to be a droid version of the Chiss Admiral Thrawn.

((LH-77 Alpha))
Originally a central control computer for a Lucrehulk Droid Control Ship, the IG-88's reprogrammed it and gave it full control of the Lucrehulk, essentially making it the largest droid in the galaxy. Unlike other Lucrehulks, LH-77 does not require a full droid crew to command it, but just a small crew of 30 droids to perform repairs on various systems. Besides the 30 non-combat droids, LH-77 also has 200 Sentinel-class droids for security in case of boarding attacks. 77 most powerful weapon is a Proton beam and the ability to unleash a powerful barrage of turbolaser fire from it's heavy guns.


Cool what about HK-47?

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