The mod you are trying to view has ceased development and consequently been archived. If you are a member of this mod, can demonstrate that it is being actively developed and will be able to keep this profile up to date with the latest news, images, videos and downloads, please contact us with all details and we will consider its re-activation.

Current Version 2.4 BE SURE TO GET THE LATEST HOTFIX to prevent crashes

V2.5 Features
*Uses Oblivion Lost 2.2 as base To know what's OL does look here *It comes with OL2.2 no need to download it*
*Random Weapons - Stalkers now have a list of weapons to spawn with based on their rank,faction
and proablility

*Redone Arena using the arena extension mod it allows dynamic generation of new random battles, Arnie has a life now instead of sitting in his little corner of the arena, battles against mutants are now possible, and so is weapon selection

*Over 150 new weapons + Variations
*Factions are unlocked and will try to Capture points throughout game
*Redone AI Rifle Butting, AIs looting and many more AI features
*Car Driving
Atlas Mod- Spawn Mutants,NPCs and weapons
*Redone Weather
*High Res Reskins For the game (Full Version Only)
*New Shader effects using the Sky4ce mod making the game look 2x as good
*Redone Sound effects from everything from ambient sounds to guns hook up your 5.1s and enjoy
*Ragdol Mod - Redone physics for mutants and humans
*Friendly NPCs can Follow and protect you (OL2.2 Feature)
*Redone weapon Ballistics - no more shooting an enemy 10 times with a shotgun in order to bring him down
Redone Weapon Scopes- like in COD 4 without the relentless grenade spam
*And Many more Features just download and findout for yourself

Supermod Pack FAQ "Please read the readme or read the FAQ before you post."

If you have read the FAQ and Still have a problems or unanswered questions Visit The SMP forums or the GSC forum

or PM wolfehunter or boinkmakr

***Download links for version 2.4*** (we have a large mod so our list of download providers is very short)
SmP v2.4 LITE.exe
Do not any patches to LITE that is #17 or earlier..

SmP v2.4 FULL.exe
This version has patch fix #18 install aready!

SmP v2.4 Mod Accessories

SmP v2.4 Optional Addon Mods

SmP Patch fix #1 to #18 combined

SmP Patch Fix #20 cumulative patch.

This patch has both 19 and 20!!

SMP 2.5 Stopped

Sorry for the delay I haven't been on the net for a long time Real life demanded my attention and I had to take care of my family. I didn't have access to the net and lijenstina had my permission to continue SmP v2.5 beta untill I could return. When I did he was gone. I also lost my SmP v2.5 beta files when My Hard disk crashed and burned. Thankfully Nuor had his copy and I was able to get some of the files and I've put it up for those modders who would like to use the resources or try to salvage this beta mod.

Here is the details

I do apologizes for not being able to let you know sooner but access to the net and having to start over was difficult.

I can't continue SmP v2.5 because I don't even remember where to start. All my files are gone so to reverse engineer and figure out where to start isn't on my plans.


-Supermod Pack team;

Boinkmakr -Mod Designer
Darius6 -Sound specialist & Visual creator
Imperialreign -Sound specialist & Environment Designer
Wolfehunter -Producer
Reptile4077 -Script magician
Dada4 -Script writers
Zatharon -Script writers
Isilidur -Script writers
Jamie1992 -Script writers
Jirka -bug hunter
foximen -bug hunter
bangalore -Geographical artist
Gnomus -Texture artist.
Shade117 -Texture artist.
Elgen - Grammar master.
Nuor - Script writer.
xRatx - Script writer.
lijenstina - Visual Artist


GSC team
Don Reba
Tristan Yockell

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Discontinued Stopped Dead
SMP 2.5.
Some of the new things in SMP 2.5 are
*Night Vision Scopes
*Money Looting
*Redone Stashes that include Arseanal and our weapons
*Backpack stashes like in AMK
*redone AI they now fight more efficiently,loot everything and rifle butt
*New weapons A few of them are Aug a3,C7A1,HK417,orbrez nagant,Glock 19, glock 45 , colt anaconda,PPK,m8000,B93r,trg42,SKS,TOZ194,protecta,pp2000,uzi,PSG1 and many more
*Redoing the models for already existing weapons eg. Toz16,AK series
And many many more features.
Also We also opened a new forum for the mod.

SMP 2.4

SMP 2.4

News 8 comments

SMP 2.4 is released , Well do you really need a summary for something that awesome?



Other Tutorial 3 comments

Super mod pack FAQ for 2.5 and 2.4 READ THIS ALONG WITH THE README

Installing SMP 2.4/2.5

Installing SMP 2.4/2.5

Client Side Coding Tutorial 3 comments

How to Install SMP 2.4 same procedure with 2.5 when it's released

Getting stalker to allocate more than 2gb ram

Getting stalker to allocate more than 2gb ram

Other Tutorial 3 comments

How to get the OS to allocate more than 2gb of ram in order to reduce crashing

Post comment Comments  (5140 - 5150 of 5,173)

Ok tried something to isolate the file causing the problem.

When I delete textures.ltx in textures folder, the game runs fine and the menu is ok. What's the utility of this file?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

And yes the ltx file is ok.

Any other ideas? I'm eager to play this. Looks great :)

I think it's a textures problem but I don't see why.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Well I'm using 1280x1024, I applied the full screen patch. (I followed the steps, I assume order is important since it overwrites the files)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
wolfehunter Creator

Another note you shouldn't be removing any texture folders. Lite is using vanilla files except a few details. Full uses argus texture pack.

I don't understand why your the only one having this problem. I haven't herd something like this since back in v2.2

is your fsgame.ltx setup right? its located in your STALKER directory.

$game_data$ = true | true | $fs_root$ | gamedata\

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wolfehunter Creator

What resolution are you using? If your using full screen you need the fullscreen fix which is included. Most of use Mod team uses Wide screen and the base game is setup for that.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Mmmh... I downloaded the Lite version, copied the base gamedata folder in the game dir, and the game won't launch.

Shows the stalker splash window for a few seconds then goes away. And no game start.

I have no other mod, Stalker 1.005.

Any ideas? I'm lost... Why won't the base mod work? I could understand a crash if I had customised it in a wrong way... but I didn't.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Okay it seems that it's working when textures folder is removed from gamedata. Could it be related to folder size? Then why am I the only one? Also, when I launch the game without textures folder, why is text misplaced in main menu? (I get the vanilla menu, text is on the left side)

I'm a bit lost :/

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Can you write ALL new possibilities for this mod??

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
wolfehunter Creator

I will as soon as my probational period expires.

* Because you are a new member, you cannot include URLs in your comments until you are activly visiting the site and have been registered for 7 days. This measure is in place to prevent spambots you find on other sites like Youtube.

I'm stuck with this.

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wolfehunter Creator

Vista or windows 7 x64 os I would suggest. XP x64 is limited to a max of 8gigs ram

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