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A Full Fledged mod that Incorporates new gameplay elements, Weapons, better Graphics(full version) and many more features

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Beta 2.5 Release (Mods : Super Mod Pack 2.4 : Forum : Discussion : Beta 2.5 Release) Locked
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Jan 27 2011 Anchor

Still waiting for it, still waiting to get my hands on a MG34 and kill the whole bandit faction with it.

Can't wait!

Also, are you still gonna add the StG44-MP44? I seen it in OL and its quite ugly, its Animations and Sounds are not nice, im a fan of that weapon. Are you getting new Animations for that weapon? :)

Mar 10 2011 Anchor

Great job with the earlier version :) still waiting for the 2.5

luckily call of pripyat complete comes out soon so i can test that out when waiting your mods release :)

but take your time what you need because i rather wait than play game with bugs :)

one question to 2.4: barman has the mission " kill the bandits in garbage" but those bandits are already killed by duty guys so i can't finish that mission and get any new missions which comes after that
any ideas how to fix this?

Apr 15 2011 Anchor

i havent played SoC for 4 months now, waiting for smp 2.5....ive viewed many forums, and its going to be awsome, however i saw that you cant put anymore weapons because the .dll file got filled up....get rid of some of the AK47 - AK74 only need 2, and with the reduced skins, there will much more space for other weapons and mods :)

i know many people have asked, but now that its been a while since someone last asked it.... but is there an estimated time of release? it would be really appreciated, even if it wasnt at all exact, but at least some idea to lay my mind, and many others, to rest :)

wolfehunter The Mod Guru
May 3 2011 Anchor

I do apologies for the delays. I too am eager to have it out for you. I understand your frustrations. We're getting there. Our guys are doing the best they can.


Stalker players stalk the game ~ GSC Game Stalk's us with stalker bugs

Jul 12 2011 Anchor

Are there any news about the release date of SmP 2.5? I think it's gonna be awesome!!

Jul 13 2011 Anchor

Fingers crossed it wont take any longer then this summer........? :nervous:

Jul 29 2011 Anchor

this forum is open on "beta smp 2.5"....after all this time, is it still going to be the beta version, or the full one :D, and again, any estimated time? :) :P

Sep 14 2011 Anchor

please add another mosin nagant sniper in normal version :moddb: because it is very old Gosuke weapons. :)

Jul 16 2012 Anchor

Fingers crossed it wont take any longer then this summer........? :nervous:

Jul 23 2012 Anchor

i brought Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Future Soldier & what a balls up that game is !!!, it is so so buggy & that is if you can get it to load at all & i am using it on my i7 & a i3 rigs i own ( i do pc support so i tweaked it too & did muiti fixes but it is still cr@p big game )

so i need this mod to play as i love the stalker games a lot still after all this years,,,,,.Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Future Soldier do not buy this game buy this mod instead !!!..

Jul 1 2013 Anchor

I'm guessing it's dead...

Jan 8 2014 Anchor

Hey everyone I'm new to moddb but a huge fan of SMP 2.4 . There hasn't been anything posted about 2.5 for a while now and was just wondering how its coming along or if its actually been scraped.

Jan 25 2014 Anchor

Fingers crossed it wont take any longer then this winter........? :nervous:

Feb 17 2014 Anchor

hi i have problem starting up the game this error apears
?ID_to_client@IPureServer@@IAEPAVICLient@@VClientID@@_N@Z could not be
loaded in the dynamic link libary C:/program files
(x86)/S.T.A.L.K.E.R.-Shadow of Chernobyl/bin/xrGame.dll.


Aug 19 2014 Anchor

Fingers crossed it wont take any longer then this summer........? :nervous:

Oct 30 2014 Anchor

Army warehouse crash that was supposed to be fixed in 2.5 is causing me to stop playing halfway through this wonderful mod. I just can't seem to get pass the mod, and my save files keep getting corrupted. i wish i could find the beta for 2.5 even lol :tired:

JoeTheJanitor wrote: Fingers crossed it wont take any longer then this summer........? :nervous:

p.s. when you see these kinds of posts, you know people are disappointed

Apr 11 2015 Anchor

I have a feeling that this mod is dead.

Apr 11 2015 Anchor

Ohhhhh yeah

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