Steam, Tracks, Trouble & Riddles (S.T.T.&R.) is a single player adventure mod, based on source engine (Orange Box) by Valve. It combines two types of game play: an adventure game with complex, 3D-interactive riddles in a fantastic environment and a simulator for track based vehicles.

Some kind of steam-locomotive like vehicles you will drive through an post-war environment. The final goal is finding a “secret wagon” and destroying a hidden nuclear-bomb. After a long journey through the guts of a huge Megalopolis you will end up ... ok, prepare for unforseen consequences ;-)

Human life was wiped out in 1962/63 after the (fictional) failure of the cuba crisis. Machines developed their own “architecture” adding weird stuff to the existing world of the 1960ties.
It is a fictional world which might have happened, if men has gone and only robots still existing in 2525.

Have a look on the website .
For more information download and read the detailed concept.

Vehicles like “The Handcar”, “The E-Tram” and the “SteamerTram” are actually compiled and presented in a demo video:

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Hi everybody,

Update Time! Sorry, it took a while and we call it a beta version because there weren't a lot of playtesters avaiable. Anyway we believe that this update is worth playing and turns the old version into an obsolete status. (You may download them for if you are in a reminiscent mood).

The new Chapter One V2 (beta) is here:

S.T.T. & R. Chapter One V2 (beta)

A lot of recommendations and suggestions coming from the community found their way into this new version like the new control scheme of the crane in the beginning or the new gauges in the pipe riddle. We are really thankful for all the comments, reviews and votes here, on and on

Not only bug fixes but new riddle sections are waiting for you. One you will find in the first map and one in the last. Enjoy 15 new lines of dialog of EasyRider and Happy Jack recorded by Ross Scott. You can find some new Easter Eggs you can find if you are lucky. One was posted here in the video section some weeks ago.

Shunter Cockpit

The new Release Guide provides you with installation intructions and useful information about the control and the story background. A new Solution Guide (Spoiler Alert!) will be avaiable in the next days.

New Pipe Riddle

Next step (after the bug fix) will be Chapter Two of course. Again I beg some patience, because I intend to work with th new source2 engine. This tool is not yet in our hands (exept for the Dota2 world). But there will be some concept art from time to time. Maybe EasyRider has to say something. We will record that for you. Suggestions from you are welcome everytime.

Looking forward to your comments we wish you fun
with Steam, Tracks, Trouble & Riddles Chapter One V2.


List of Changes in comparison to the first version:

Overall: added more graphical details in the environment like trees, foilage and more props in all maps.
Removed several minor bugs and glitches.

Better control of the crane: will be controlled by keyboard and mouse buttons now,
not by clicking on the levers. Removed the unneccesary "Backward Riddle" in the crane hall.

Repaired the sound script file for environmental correct echoes and implementation of
EasyRider's dialogs.

Fixed the handcar issue when players were thrown off the handcar while driving in a curve.

Fixed the bug after the transfer table: Player can't drive the handcar backwards through the closed fence anymore.

Inserted one more obstacle after the transfer table.

Renewed the “Pipe Riddle” in the octagonal yard:
Added some guidance with sound feedback on the valves and two gauges which display the status.
Added numbers at the containers and tanks for better orientation.

15 new dialog lines recorded with Ross Scott.

Renewed the riddle at the tunnels, EasyRider welcomes you now instead of following you.
Fixed the bug in the subway station throughing the player out of the map when
jumping on the moving carts

Shorten the “Frogger Riddles”, player has not to run through so many corridors.
Added one more big riddle with a new shunter and new wagon models before
player is going to activate the tram.

Better skymap in the last map, player can't see "the end of the world" anymore.
Player can't jump over the wall and fall down to the bottom of the skymap.

Updated loading screen picture.

After the Release is before Release

After the Release is before Release

11 months ago News 5 comments

Improvement of Chapter One: There will be a Chapter One V2 and we are constantly working on it.



1 year ago News 15 comments

Chapter One of Steam, Tracks, Trouble & Riddles, a single player adventure mod, is ready.



2 years ago News 1 comment

Now three composers are working for this mod. An example of an interludium is published here for the first time. The Chapter One has been extended by...

Ross Scott voices EasyRider and Happy Jack

Ross Scott voices EasyRider and Happy Jack

2 years ago News 5 comments

Now Ross Scott is the voice actor for the major characters EasyRider an HappyJack. Have some more good news about the progress of this mod.

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S.T.T. & R. Solution Guide Chapter One V2

S.T.T. & R. Solution Guide Chapter One V2

2 months ago Guides 2 comments

Spoiler Alert! Be aware that this can spoil your game experience! Guide to all resolutions of the riddles. Just in case you stick in the middle of the...

S.T.T. & R. Chapter One V2 Release Guide

S.T.T. & R. Chapter One V2 Release Guide

2 months ago Guides 0 comments

In this guide you will find • installation instructions • control hints • a brief description of the background • Youtube links of all clips •...

S.T.T. & R. Chapter One V2 (beta)

S.T.T. & R. Chapter One V2 (beta)

2 months ago Full Version 0 comments

This file contains the complete data of the mod. It is an update and a renewed version of chapter one which was released in Septemper 2014. A lot of recommendations...

Riddle Resolutions Guide

Riddle Resolutions Guide

1 year ago Guides 1 comment

Spoiler Alert! Be aware that this can spoil your game experience! Guide to all resolutions of the riddles. Just in case you stick in the middle of the...

Steam, Tracks, Trouble & Riddles Chapter One

Steam, Tracks, Trouble & Riddles Chapter One

1 year ago Full Version 25 comments

This contains file contains the data of the mod. Extract it and place it in your sourcemod folder under your Steam installation. Then restart Steam. You...

S.T.T. & R. Chapter One Release Guide

S.T.T. & R. Chapter One Release Guide

1 year ago Guides 6 comments

This guide contains • installation instructions • control hints • a brief description of the background • Youtube links of all clips • the complete...

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TheMasterOwl Oct 7 2014 says:

failed to load launcher DLL? HELP!

+1 vote     reply to comment
Qman1991 Oct 7 2014 replied:

Hl 2: EP2 Propieties / local Files 3rd Option

+3 votes     reply to comment
NahrAlma Sep 28 2014 says:

"Rebuilded" is one of the mistakes in the instruction manual.
Someone clearly didn't learn all of those irregular verbs in school, isn't that right? ;)

But I can forgive and forget, especially since Ross Scott was or rather is doing the voice over. I'm a massive fan of Freeman's Mind :D

+1 vote     reply to comment
jedron215 Sep 28 2014 says:

Hi! I downloaded this mod today, after installing ep. 2 and sdk sp 2013 and the mod wont start. HL2.exe starts in the task manager, but not the mod. Did i do something wrong?

+1 vote     reply to comment
jedron215 Sep 28 2014 replied:

Never mind, another steam restart fixed it

+1 vote     reply to comment
Guest Sep 28 2014 says:

nice robot :D

+1 vote     reply to comment
peegee1 Creator
peegee1 Sep 28 2014 says:

Now about one week after this first release I ever made
I like to say thank you very much for downloading and playing this mod.

So far it shows that the result is a kind of controversal.
And I am very sorry for the people who had not that fun with it like expected. But keep in mind that your comments won't be forgotten.
I am very thankful for everyone of your comments and it will help
me to make this project better. I read them all. That's why the first chapter of this mod will be reworked and the VR-version has to be postponed like Chapter Two.

This project is not an AAA-title but some kind of an experimental one.
Again my fault. I should have communicate this better.
Riddles are a hard thing to develop for me: if they are well known and easy, like let's say klicking a button or stacking crates, they are booring. If they are kind of new and somehow more complicated and unkown, the player can turn into frustration. Hard to keep the balance between giving less hints and giving too much hints. What is already learned (from other mods and Hl2 Series) and what is so unusual in interaction (like the crane) that it seems needlessly complicated?
Sometime it feels like a bug, but it was a part of the riddle. Bad thing anyway. Beta tests of this projects didn't shown that so far.

As I told above, there is a long list for improvements now,
so hopefully the source engine let me fix all this.

+4 votes   reply to comment
Guest Sep 26 2014 says:

During the part when you have to get the three batteries, when you jump on the carts sometimes when you get off (jump to the other side) it'll keep pulling you in that direction and you will fall out of the map. All in all a very interesting mod, the only real challenge for me was the pipes one, the rest were pretty easy and did not require more than 10 minutes, but i enjoyed it, as InFiNiGhTe says, the audio is lacking but the characters are nice, also some more background music would be nice.

+1 vote     reply to comment
InFiNiGhTe Sep 23 2014 says:

From start to finish: Weird mod, but understandable.

For 4 years i kinda expected more details done. Not gonna haul you down for that since i can imagine that you've put alot of effort into it.

The character "Easy Rider" is a fun one, i like his little pal living under his metal hat too, the voice over is entertaining but could need the final processing state in the audio. Equalized and compressed and modified to feel more robotic, yet still have an amusing feeling to it.

Also, sounds for animations that "Easy Rider" emits, like when he moves you could hear his wheel turning, like a bicycle or something, or if his metal hat opened and his little buddy appeared. Basicly every animation made that needs audio to be honest.

Well, all in all, i still had a laugh because of "Easy Rider".


+1 vote     reply to comment
xtmgmr Jul 29 2014 says:

So any updates?

+3 votes     reply to comment
peegee1 Creator
peegee1 Aug 26 2014 replied:

This mod is not dead, that is all i can say now.

+4 votes   reply to comment
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Good idea, but not really good realisation, good face animations of robot, ordinary level design, unobviously puzzles and broken scripts in couple of moments.

Sep 20 2014 by ildarion

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