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Nov 22 2009 Anchor

I've run into several problems and haven't been able to play yet.

First... the file I downloaded wouln't unrar correctly. One of the files had a CRC error.

Next... the install instructions are hidden very well. I only managed to find something like it on steamracers.net but nothing really useful.

However, I figured out that I just needed to run the installer. The installer wanted me to put the mod into the "my documents" folder... not very pretty I thought and put it somewhere else.

Then later it asked me to find UT3.exe. Luckly I knew where this file was, but I wonder how many are able to find it. A better explanation would be nice.

Then, finally, I chose NOT to put an icon on the desktop.

But now, when I start the mod via the start menu entry it simply starts Unreal Tournament 3... and I can't find Steamracers in the menus anywhere. (Under configurable mods, there are no mods.)

I have the Steam version of UT3, and its updated fully.

What should I do?

EDIT: I found out that the start menu shortcut had the completely wrong path to the mod.
So now the mod starts, but then crashes before I get to the menu. I suspect the missing file, and will try to download it again. Hopefully without CRC error this time.

EDIT 2: Ok the mod works with the new download. (I still needed to fix the path though.)

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