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Nov 16 2009, 12:32pm Anchor

Will Steam Racers work on my UT3 dedicated server (Win XP)?
I would also like to try it in Linux too, but first I'll see if it works with Windows.
I have not installed any UT3 mods yet for the Dedicated server so I wondering if you had any tips...
I'm running 6 computer in a Local Area Network

I figured it out after reading many UT3 tutorials. But, I got my laptop to run the dedicated server without having to download 2 Gigabytes of dedicated server files. I am using the Retail game without even running the game itsself, because my laptop can't run those high specs.

NeXuSDK Steam Racer
Nov 20 2009, 2:56pm Anchor

Sorry for not getting back to you earlier!

I'm not sure... did you get it to work? I hope so :)

Nov 23 2009, 12:04pm Anchor

Yes it did work. I can run Steam Racers & The Haunted right off my laptop without starting the retail game.
I tried to make a step-by-step tutorial but I keep getting a File Description: 80 characters error because the .bat files have more than 80 character of code. I wanted to post the exact code UT3 uses to start a LAN server.
I tried using the "Code" tool but same error.
How can I post code with more than 80 characters?

ogssan Steam Racer
Nov 25 2009, 10:34am Anchor

I think you will have to make a line break or something in the long part of the shortcut. I am guessing any words over 80 characters will not fit on MODDBs page, so they don't allow it since it would ruin the pages style.

Nov 25 2009, 10:47am Anchor

Darn, well I could try that and explain where to delete the "breaks" but I'm worried that it would make it more confusing to troubleshoot if they don't delete the "breaks".
What if I did an external link to the code?
The only reason I don't want to do that is because they may think it is malicious code. Specially in a .bat file

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