Station 51 is a single player mod for Half-Life 2: Episode 2. You are on the run from the Combine closing in on your outpost. Can you escape?

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This was actually quite fun, the maps look nice. It really is not complicated at all (you just run & gun after all), but the amount of enemies don't mix well with the little ammo you have; it also is short.

not bad. not too creative ideas, lot of those " lets drop down here and fight soldiers in a big area" which becomes kind of boring. but defently good mapping. needs more colors and enemy types defenetly.


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The mod is really good for the people who love the action of HL2, this short mod has more action then more of HL2:EP2 combined. The prop placing and detail was also great. Though, at some points the mod got very unfair, for example, when you have to open the door into the base, and the Hunters and Combine come out, I felt that was a little overkill. And also when you have to destroy the ball, the influx of guards was insane. Warning to people trying this out, set your difficulty to Normal and below, Hard is insane, and will definitely make it feel more like a grind then actual fun. All in all, pretty good mod.

I have to say a good mod in general.
Why I give it an 8/10 is because:

-Good detail in most parts of the maps
-Straight-into-the-action type, no need for tutorials
-Overall fun experience

-Repetitive gameplay, same enemies in the same kind of environment
-No story, wich makes your efforts feel useless in the end
-Lack of puzzles and/or events that take time

I personally like to see much custom content into mods, for example custom guns, vehicles, sounds etc.
Anyway, I say 8/10 and great job on this!

The environments are very well done, but with one major flaw: many of them don't seem to be/have been functional. As I progressed through the mod, I kept asking "Why is this room/space/object here? What purpose does it serve?" Still, very enjoyable and great-looking mod.


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