Station 51 is a single player mod for Half-Life 2: Episode 2. You are on the run from the Combine closing in on your outpost. Can you escape?

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The 6 is mostly thanks to the level design. It was very pretty, fun, and the battles were well placed. The maps seemed to go on forever compared to most Source maps (I got about an hour of of the two maps), which is a good thing. The detail was nice, and I always felt pretty perfectly supplied, health and ammo-wise. That's mostly where it ends, unfortunately.

The mod lacked background music (or sound at all) as far as I could tell, there weren't any puzzles (just finding buttons) and the areas that the bigger battles took place in were somewhat arena-like. The finale was also the worst part of the mod in my opinion. Very anti climactic, and the areas preceding it lacked the detail that the rest of the mod did so well.

There was also no story, which was disappointing. As soon as the mod starts you get a message on a radio telling you the combine are on their way, but that's about it. This, combined with the lack of any puzzles made the game feel like an hour long shooting session.

If you're looking for a pretty, mindeless shoot 'em up, definitely give Station 51 a go. But if you're looking for something featuring puzzles and story, you'd best look elsewhere.

Station 51 falls into the same issues I have with many what I call "Citizen" mods: they just exist. There's no real change in the formula to warrant a higher rating, but the mod can exist on its own sufficiently.


Non-existent. That is a big problem I have here: at least mods like The Citizen, Precursor, and Triage tried to include story elements. What I got from this story was a brief almost uninspired message on a radio that told me to get moving. The story needs more to go from than that. There was a lot of potential to tap into, yet I felt like it missed that.


Though I found nothing heavily wrong with it, gameplay amounted to running from arena to arena and fighting off a horde of enemies or the random Hunter Chopper or two. What really got to me was that the enemies were relentless: they just kept coming. It's not that the enemies were too challenging in their behaviors, since the rooms were set up as arenas, but they never stopped. I never really had a chance to recover before being thrown into another fight. Maybe try including a puzzle or two; Source engine is superb at physics puzzles. Weapon pacing also was strange. I get a pistol at the start only a few rooms later to get a shotgun, only a few rooms later to get a Rocket Launcher, only a few rooms later to get a Gravity Gun? Slow it down! Let a curve happen, like there was in Half-Life 2 or the episodes. It's why they had it. Mapping was solid, I must say. I'd love to bring the mapper onto another mod.


Design choices and a lack of a concrete story do muddle what would have been another Citizen-style mod quite a bit. If the lead were to go back and almost touch it up a bit, adding in a concrete story with real characters and redesign a lot of the pacing in the mod, it would be a lot more solid. At the moment, it is a little shaky for someone who wants more than just a chain of arena rooms.


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