[NOTE: PROGRESS ON THIS MOD HAS STOPPED. COMPLETED FILES AVAILABLE IN DOWNLOADS PAGE. THANK YOU!] A mod for the Axis and Allies RTS adding a new campaign and new maps, new units, and two new factions; the Strategically Integrated Coalition of Nations (SICON for short) and the Arachnid Empire. After SICON victory on the "bugs"' home planet of Klendathua, and the supposed destruction of the Arachnid queen in space, the great bug was thought to be over. The Earth could now attend to matters of peace. This all changed when the bugs; who had secretly infiltrated some of the highest levels of earth's nations, launched a suprise attack. It is up to you as a SICON general to stop the arachnid's offensive, and save humanity from annihilation. ( Heavily based on the TV show ROUGHNECKS: Starship Troopers Chronicles )

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Arachnid economy/AI upgrade
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Awesome! :)

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whoa wait! Your saying arachnid units or formerly regiments have like 90 to a regiment?

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Wordsarecool Author

In this picture one of my SICON squads and a Panamanian squad are being almost overwhelmed by like 4 Arachnid swarms ("regiments"), which have 9 warrior bugs each. They have no upkeep and do not count against the unit limit.

The Arachnid side cannot resupply it's units; it relies on pumping out massive amounts of arachnid "regiments" and swarming the SICON player with them. The AI does it rather well, and at this point in the game each Arachnid Army had deployed around 50 "regiments". There are some upgrades that can be purchased as well to increase arachnid damage and survivability.

Late-game SICON can usually push back the enemy thanks to a whole bunch of upgrades for the SICON team.

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Now the already challenging Panama mission is even moreso.

Notice how it's only been sixteen minutes and I've already been pushed back onto a tiny little strip of land, with more than half of the canal locks already destroyed. Each of the Bug AIs have also pumped out more than 50 units each, by this time.

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