Stargate: The Last Stand is a Modification for Half-Life 2 promising to bring all the best from the Stargate Movie and TV-Shows into the gaming world. The mod will have Multiplayer gameplay focusing on ground combat. Utilizing a unique game play style players will literally have to make their Last Stand. Visit us on our IRC channel on #stargatetls on GameSurge!

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Remote, Europe [OLD] Software Engineer at InterWave Studios

software engineer interwave studios remote, europe programmers looking to make waves in the gaming world? interwave studios is seeking to hire an independent, self-managed programmer to join our nuclear dawn development team. the ideal candidate will be capable of managing their own time, and able to deliver progressive work on a tight schedule. part of your daily responsibilities will be developing a range of features and technologies for nuclear dawn, working remotely with a team of coders using project management and voice communication software to keep in touch with your colleagues and department leads. general requirements for the position include: - over 5 years of general experience with c++ - experience with valve's source engine (through an established mod, or licensed game) - excellent problem solving and software design skills - the ability to work well as part of a team who are developing around the clock, turning out multiple builds daily. - the focus, drive, self-motivation and determination to create something that is a cut above in your work. this is a full-time paid position. your role within the programming team will be geared toward your own personal strengths, but also allow you to mature and develop weaker skills throughout the course of production. experience with the source engine through a publicly well received title will considerably help your chances.

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