This mod is based on the Stargate series : Stargate Sg-1, Stargate Atlantis and soon Stargate Universe on the Homeworld 2 engine.
The main race up to date for the mod are : Terran, Goaul'd, Ori, Wraith, Ancient and Asgard.
There's currently no campaign but it's underway.
You can play vs CPU or in multiplayer via Hamachi or Xfire.


The ships available are:

-Enterprise, Atlantis, Orion

-Death Glider, Gate Glider, Alkesh
-Destroyer, Ha'tak Anubis, Ha'tak Apophis
-Ra Mothersip, Anubis Mothership, Apophis Mothership
-Probe, Teltak, Cargo

-Ori Fighter
-Crusader, Goaul'd ship
-Ori Satellite

-Cargo Ship, Recon Dart

-Outpost, Fregate
-Cruiser, Orion, Battleship, Atlantis, Heavy Carrier
-Stargate, Defense Satellite, Offense Satellite


For more info we have two forum :
-the first in English (here)
-the second in french (here)
We have a new forum :

Enjoy !

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