This Modification brings all of the various Stargate franchises into the fold. Choose your race The Tauri, Jaffa, Asgard, Wraith, Asuran or ?? Build your empire, research Technology, Build Mighty Warships , Make Allies, Engage in diplomacy, build trade Alliances. and most importantly. Trust No One. Rebellion is a foot.

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The tooltips are a little hard to read but overall AMAZING!!!!!

9/10, because Atlantis sucks :(

Ships should be bigger

Although I've yet to have chance to play this mod, I am impressed by the graphical quality of much of its content. The sheer scope of Sins sets of the IP of stargate very well. Its just a shame you can't have ground combat. Perhaps the mod team might use a new game engine if one ever comes around.

Great work!!, I really like 4x4 games :)

sholda learn mythology first

Changed the rating on this mod as it keeps on improving. Thanks for the hard work!

sorry to have to downgrade you but with you only being able to occasionally send us files that will work with the many updates by the devs to the basic game. you get a downgrade. :(

Keep up the great work.

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