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We the people of the Earth called the Tauri have risen up and taken our rightful place among the stars.
We were once thought to be destined to become the great fifth race in the next thousand years or so.
time would have it we didn't have over five years of peace, before fate took over. The great interstellar
War has raged for over a century now. Billions of life forms wiped from existence.
We are now the last line
of defense for all Life forms in the known universe.
We have learned much from all corners of our
reach. We have meet hundreds of races ,
some of which are our allies and friends. Others we have met
have not been so hospitable and have banded with our foes.
The Jaffa Nation has risen from the ashes of what once was the Gouald empire. There rise has been
turbulent to say the least. There are rumors of internal strife and talk of renegade Gouald still with in
there ranks. They are a people that for the moment we consider allies, but as with any alliance it can fail.
There fleets are great and number in the hundreds if not thousands! Our intelligence indicates
there fleets
are comprised of Hataks, as well as Anubis class ships. The Anubis class is of particular
concern as they
are a mighty warship capable of attacking ships, planets, and star base's with ease.
One of the most powerful enemies of life itself the Wraith now have the means of interstellar
hyperspace. There initial invasion forces were massive and the battles took many ships and
people from both sides. The wraith had defeated the ancients, however they were not prepared
for humanities perseverance and determination to defend life and live. We now know that they have
access to a number of zpm's and are using them. We fear that they have built yet another cloning
facility somewhere in the milky way and Pegasus galaxies. We have also detected several massive
wraith vessels on approach from Pegasus, our intelligence suggests that they are powered by zero point modules.
We are preparing our defenses and making plans as best we can.
When we were at our weakest moment another enemy emerged before us the Lucian Alliance. They
took advantage of our forces being spread so thin among the stars and have taken many bases
and systems. They are a ruthless people that only seek to conquer , destroy.
They massacre anyone or anything that gets in there way!
The Asurans once thought to be totally destroyed have reemerged from hiding. We are on a routine
patrol mission when we stumbled upon them. We had discovered a massive planet the size of Jupiter
swarming with nanite life. The Asurans once thought to be entirely wiped from existence
are now back with a Vengeance. They are hell bent on destroying all of carbon based life. There single goal and
directive is to destroy anything and everything the Ancients had created. They have managed to take several
worlds and destroy and ravaged countless others. We are engaged in diplomatic discussions
other races to help
coordinate a counter assault. Our intel suggests that they have
built a Lantian
class city ship as well as the Antues class which is capable of destroying our star bases .

It has been some time since we had last encountered the rogue Asgard of the Pegasus.
But we knew it to be only a matter of time. With the Wraith busy fighting us on many fronts the Asgard attacked.
There initial invasion fleets were massive with every major class of Asgard vessel. We had hoped that
we may be able to form a alliance with them. However they are different breed of Asgard,
they do not seek peace, knowledge and friendship. Instead they seek to only better there genetic code
at any
means necessary. We were ill prepared for the opening salvos that started the war with them.
We did
manage to destroy a large number of there fleets. However they were able to form a strategic
beachhead and take several worlds.

The Map of Earth Below shows all active Stargate Teams Worldwide.
Will you join the Invasion????


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1 comment by Ace_Fighter on Apr 25th, 2015

Hello Everyone,

Epytron_Omega here. It is with great sorrow that I have to let you all know that I am leaving the SGI team. It has been a long, and very fun ride with everyone I worked with, from my first team member DerekBall, to R1ser, all the way to the amazing Ace_Fighter. The reasons why I am stepping down are very long, but I can tell you all this, I love this project and I hope that it shines on without me, even though I cannot set aside the time to work on it currently. I want you all to know that this was not a light decision for me to make, as I have attempted to see this through since the beginning, but it is a necessary one. As I have gotten older, found a full time Job, got married and now on the brink of having kids to teach how to mod, I have always had a passion for the work that everyone has put into SGI, as well as all the other mods out there. I will still be around, to answer questions, help here and there with textures on some of the more, hmm, complicated ships that I have built. Now to the work that I have done for the mod. While I still feel that the hard work belongs to SGI, I will leave it up to Ace_Fighter to see if he would like to allow others to use it as well. I am passing all of that off to him. They are still my models, and will be credited as so, but he has the final say as to what happens with them. I hope everyone has the best of lives, and like I said, I am not entirely going anywhere. I am still here, just no longer a member of the team.

Take care all.
Samuel Pedrick a.k.a. Epytron_Omega

(Ace_Fighter) - We are all sad to see Epytron_Omega go and he will be surly missed, he will always be apart of the team in my opinion and will have his name first in the credits when the mod is finished, this project wouldn't have been where it is today without him, for that I say thank you. On to my news now I have just finished my last final and can finally get back to modding. Unfortunately their are only a few people left actively working on the mod and SGI will need new modders. Below will be an outline of all the positions that need to be filled, I will be updating this list as more people join. If you want to join just message me (Ace_Fighter) and if you meet the qualifications I will be happy to put you on the team! The five requirements in order will be:

Beginner: Don't need that much experience, anyone really can do it.

Novice: Need some background knowledge of Sins of a Solar Empire and Stargate.

Intermediate: Needs to have more than a basic knowledge of your field. Has worked on Sins of a Solar
Empire modding either by your self or with other people for awhile.

Advanced: Need to know what your doing, has worked extensively with sins of a solar empire modding.

Experienced: Can't come to me for help (Main reason would be I have worked little to nothing in your field and would be no help to you, and these fields require you to be Good and Experienced because these fields are paramount to the success of SGI.
Project Description: Job will be to organize the team and make sure everyone will stay on track.

Requirements: Intermediate
Project Description: The first person on the coding list is the lead coder which is currently me (Ace_Fighter), if you think you are more experienced than me by all means I will make you the Lead coder, the job of the Lead Coder will be to mainly manage your underlings (the remaining three coders), this means giving them jobs to do if they have finished their current task and I (Ace_Fighter) have not given them a current task, the lead coders second task would be to help everyone else on the team with coding if they need help and if they have not come to me with their problem or if they have and I just can't solve it. Your main and most important task will be given to you by me, difficult coding dilemmas that I will task you with to complete or just another regular coding task. The last three coders jobs will be to basically change values which is extremely easy to learn and do but gets very tedious very fast, so we need people who can do these tasks hours on end without ripping your eyes out of boredom.
-To Be Filled

Requirements: Experienced
Project Description: Creating models for Stargate Invasion.
-To Be Filled
-To Be Filled
-To Be Filled

Requirements: Experienced
Project Description:Creating textures for models for Stargate Invasion.
-To Be Filled
-To Be Filled
-To Be Filled

Particle Forge:
Requirements: Experienced
Project Description: Creating everything from Hyperspace engine effects to weapon effects using Particle Forge.
-To Be Filled
-To Be Filled

Graphic Designers:
Requirements: Intermediate
Project Description: Your job will be to create Icons, everything from Ship Icons to Research ones. If you don't have coding knowledge just give it to me or one of our coders and they will put in the design for you.
-To Be Filled
-To Be Filled
-To Be Filled

Requirements: Novice
Project Description: Your job will be to find or create unique sounds, everything from Voice Acting to Music. If you don't have coding knowledge just give it to me or one of our coders and they will put in the sound for you.
-To Be Filled
-To Be Filled

Bug Finders and Balancer:
Requirements: Advanced
Project Description: Your job will be to go into Sins Dev.exe and and find every single error and squash it. You will also need to test the game constantly to make sure everything is balanced and not one race or one ship is too overly powerful.
-To Be Filled

Requirements: Novice
Project Description: You only have one job, go out into the community and get us ideas, everything from ships, abilities and research ideas. One of the things that has stopped me constantly from creating new things is that I run out of ideas very quickly.
-To Be Filled
-To Be Filled

String Editor:
Requirements: Beginner
Project Description: Your one and only job is to name and describe everything, everything from research to ship names and descriptions, anyone really can do this, but you will need a lot of patience and time.
-To Be Filled
-To Be Filled

Galaxy Creation:
Requirements: Novice
Project Description: Create new and unique galaxies using Galaxy Forge.
-To Be Filled

Total Team Members: 3

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SGI 1.82 Tau'ri Beta V0.182

SGI 1.82 Tau'ri Beta V0.182

Oct 20, 2014 Full Version 58 comments

Stargate Invasion 1.82 Tau'ri Beta, Numerous changes have been made. This version only includes TAU'RI. Any bugs,suggestion or if you want to join the...

Placement patch

Placement patch

Apr 3, 2014 Patch 36 comments

add these files to your exsisting build of the mod to fix the placement issue as well as the ability to build the Asuran Titans. Updated to include GameInfo...

SGI Rebellion 1.80 Patch

SGI Rebellion 1.80 Patch

Jan 7, 2014 Patch 114 comments

The Rebellion 1.80 PATCH version of the mod. There are still some major bugs, but it is playable. if you have any problems with the game crashing, please...

SGI Rebellion 1.80

SGI Rebellion 1.80

Dec 23, 2013 Patch 94 comments

Here it is folks, the Rebellion 1.80 version of the mod. There are still some major bugs, but it is playable. if you have any problems with the game crashing...

SGI Soundtrack

SGI Soundtrack

Oct 24, 2011 Music 7 comments

Here is the highly requested SGI Soundtrack. The files are in mp3 format and also include the original artist to make finding there music easier. The...



Nov 14, 2010 Other 3 comments

This program was designed by stardock for the debugging of stardock games and programs all rights reserved from stardock.

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jtaylorpcs Creator
jtaylorpcs Oct 30 2010, 2:49pm says:

Hello all , hope your enjoying the final entrenchment release of SGI. Rest assured that we have the mod working in Diplomacy version 1.011. The ui is updated , huge thanks to Rick Hughes. Psychoak Deserves a huge pat on the back as well with the conversion, As does the rest of the team. Since we now have the mod working in dip. I am looking for 5 experienced testers. When I say experinced I mean Experienced in debug menus, diplomacy 1.011 dev commands , other basic code understanding, and using our debug page. Must have a gmail account. Others Need Not apply. Please sent me a email to If you think you meet the requirments. Include name, country/time zone. OS info ,ram info and video card info. If selected you will get to play and test SGI DIPLOMACY with in minutes.

Thanks jay

+1 vote   reply to comment
mikey1871 Oct 31 2010, 1:04pm replied:

Hi< yes.. very awesome job you all have done.... thanks much for a brilliant mod :))

I'm not really a hugh fan of Diplomacy yet, but I certainly will try it once you get your Diplomacy mod done !!

Hope you all have a very safe and happy Halloween weekend :)

+1 vote     reply to comment
jtaylorpcs Creator
jtaylorpcs Oct 30 2010, 4:53pm replied:

yes will work with trintiy patched with impulse.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Hannibal182 Oct 30 2010, 12:39pm says:

Hi guys, would this or the next packs would work on trinity??

+1 vote     reply to comment
SanitySlayer Oct 30 2010, 3:45pm replied:

Trinity is just a collection of the 3 games, there is nothing different about the game itself, so as long as you put the files in the right part of the game (Original, Entrenchment or Diplomacy) it should work fine

+1 vote     reply to comment
alfonso2ty Oct 30 2010, 11:39am says:

this mod looks great, keep up the good work
the next version will be to diplomacy or entrechment?

+1 vote     reply to comment
d_jackson Creator
d_jackson Oct 30 2010, 2:19pm replied:

the next version will be for diplomacy

+1 vote   reply to comment
Kerensky Oct 29 2010, 4:34pm says:

Thoroughly enjoying the latest release guys.
Just have one problem coming up in that I can see through bits of the Atlantis model. Not like where there should be gaps but where there should be something solid. I'm sure that in the older versions it looked fine but now its gone a bit weird.
I actually have the same problem with the B'rel in the SoA2 mod. That used to have a model and a texture but has recently become partly see through.
Just wondering if its something on my end like corrupt textures or whatever?

+1 vote     reply to comment
jtaylorpcs Creator
jtaylorpcs Oct 30 2010, 12:33am replied:

this is due to her model and textures not being uv mapped and not a real texture job, eomega is working on this and we are aware in the soa2 team as well. But you could just check your checksum. That would clarify corrupt install.

thanks jay

+1 vote   reply to comment
Kerensky Oct 30 2010, 5:18am replied:

Ah thanks man. Given that it was happening in two separate mods I thought it might have been a problem on my end.
Game is running fine anyway and I rarely build either so not a problem.
Noticed one thing last night actually. The Asuran carrier has 2 drone swarm abilities but if I get both and try to use the one in the 4th slot then the carrier just sits there. I think it might be down to it using the 2nd slot drone swarm and the cooldown timers being linked some how?
Either way it affected the AI ships too as one carrier sat there doing nothing while a wraith fleet wailed on it. Moused over and it said auto using drone swarm.

+1 vote     reply to comment
mikey1871 Oct 29 2010, 1:54pm says:

to the devs of the mod.. i just want to say a very great THANK YOU for an excellent, brilliantly made mod for an awesome game. You all are a cut above others because you came out with the full mod only 60 days ago and you have pretty much finished it within 2 months. You did this all for free for the fans of sins!

I SO wish actually gaming companies such as EA would follow your example of releasing stuff that actually worked the first time out, but that would be like having American politics be non judgmental and that will never happen.

Thanks for an awesome mod!!!!!!

+2 votes     reply to comment
jtaylorpcs Creator
jtaylorpcs Oct 28 2010, 8:34pm says:

we actually already have concept art of the new starbases for the tauri and asurans. it will be released in due time. But Just keep in mind sone of the models are still placeholder models.

thanks jay

+2 votes   reply to comment
blonco Oct 28 2010, 11:05pm replied:

thats what i figured, just thought it was worth a mention. very nice work on everything else by the way. i especially enjoy playing as asurans agaianst 9 diety wraith. nothing screams fun like 4 auroras taking out entire broods of wraith.

+2 votes     reply to comment
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teaxture needs work

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