StarCry is a single player mod started in 2007 for the game Crysis with numerous references of science fiction well-known of the players. Explore new worlds and fight the threat of our planet! / Two modders for this project : Mick & Dark_Wolf / Languages : english & french subtitles

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zalez1 says

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my last rating was based on rage, now I think about you guys put alot of work into this, and this deserve a 10/10 from a true stargate fan. Still, I have two suggestions:

1. Jaffa easer to kill with P90
2. Metal particle effect when you hit the Jaffa metal armor plates
3. Loose the Battlestar Galactica ships, I love battlestar galactica, but let me give you my gamer perspective: I was exploring the base, feeling chills from the excitement of being in the SGC aaaaaaannd the BSG ship appears and the feeling is gone...


thib7861 says

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Special thanks to Mick & Dark_Wolf for this amazing work. This is in fact the most incredible modification of the game Crysis. The true potential of the Engine is revealed when we see how these two great developers have a very close attention to detail. Finally, we enjoy a spectacular Sci-Fi gameplay caught between action and adventure.
All the best, T.C


GOAT|SteelBread says

It was just - WOW.

I was searching for good Stargate mods for games, the one for Half-Life wasn't thaaaat good as I thought, then I found this one. And it was epic. Nice story, nice action, some parts were hard, but thats what I'm expecting from games. Thank you for developing this mod.


Grenade! says

An amazing mod to enrich one of the last great exclusive titles of the PC.


sonyguy says

so i am big fan of stargate this mod was great for me.

most stargate mods die when i found this on youtube i thought it died but what you know its there. played the mod was great sounds great every thing thx for making this mod


aliasfaliates says

I may have over reacted, the beggining sucks but as a True stargate fan I have to respect all your amazing work. Keep on pulishing it : D

Im gonna give you guys some advice that will probably change my rating and everyones:

1. Put a grown up to make the military dialogs

2. Loose the ships from Battlestar Galactica

3. Jaffa are way 2 invincible, you need a full clip of a P90 to take one down.

4. Try to make some metal particle effect when you hit a jaffa, it will look just like in the show.


cne9979 says

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Just seeing the work that went in to such a mod would justify such a rating. The devotion to the sci-fi genre in this is overflowing, while the writing is a bit dry the lack of narrative can be easily forgiven when remembering the modders don't speak English as a first language and voice overs fall into 2 categories of expensively good or poor. I would rather have text than a bad voice-over.

The weapons in this mod are plentiful, as are the levels. On my first time through, not knowing the great length of it, I always half expected the hardest enemy I had yet come across would end up being the final boss and that the game would end. But I never did, from the earth to the stars the game kept going.

Though I would have liked if all enemies but bosses would have a weak spot (e.g. headshot kill zone) so some measure of stealth could be maintained, only a small portion of the encounters were ones where you had to really focus to keep the advantage.

Being a small team mod, I don't expect much from a mod, especially when they aim to include many custom textures. This mod however blew my entire concept of what a fan mod could really be, out of the sky. It is fantastic. Glitches and bugs be dammed, this mod is a masterpiece. As is with crashes and all I would have paid a small sum to play this know knowing what it contains.

Anyone who rated less than 5 either has no love of any of the series represented in this mod or has expectations far exceeding that of reality when it comes to total conversion mods. I would dare any of them to do better.

I love this mod, please make another or expand this one more.


jonajona says

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Wow this is epic.


sheppard45 says

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i think this is a very good mod
and i congratulate the creators
thank you


DevianXV25 says

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Amazing mod with an isane gameplay ! One of best mod for Crysis !

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