StarCry is a single player mod started in 2007 for the game Crysis with numerous references of science fiction well-known of the players. Explore new worlds and fight the threat of our planet! / Two modders for this project : Mick & Dark_Wolf / Languages : english & french subtitles

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farizle says

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Bad design summarizes this game. While it's pretty to look at, playing it is another story. Don't let the trailer fool you. It shows the best of what this mod offers offers, but getting to those parts is likely a rough ride.

The pacing (or lack of) is frustrating. Your first combat encounter is against 3-4 soldiers with your pistol and their solid aiming machine guns. I accidentally found out that I can consume food to regain health. This is important to tell the player at some point given your health doesn't regenerate. Your health doesn't update after taking damage for about a second or sometimes more. I don't see the point of this so I'm assuming it's a bug, but it's vital. The shield bar from Crysis is still above your health but it doesn't drain meaning it's of no use, yet it's still there?

I made it to the point where you're waiting for evac to arrive outside of the base you start in, which has all kinds of crazy. Enemies come from all directions with their solid aiming, and you're left to guess their outlines through the snow storm all around you. The chopper arrives and a timer appears in the middle of my screen. When it runs out, nothing happens. Then another appears. WHAT IS GOING ON? The person you rescue at that site is dragging a cable from the chopper while crouch-walking around the area, and you're getting pelted from numerous directions. At this point, I quit and uninstalled the mod.

It's too bad the game doesn't live up to its art direction. I would have loved to see the rest of the game, but it's severe lack of design, pacing, and polish makes it unbearable to play. Hell, I'd rather play Crysis 2.


Addictor says

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I love Stargate, and I believe that a lot of hard work went into creating this MOD to copy as much as possible. I've been looking forward to this MOD for well over a year.... and now that I've finally salivated as much as I could awaiting the download, I have to say that I'm very dissappointed. From the confusing split file launch, to the plagued graphical glitches, this MOD has many issues that should have been corrected from the git-go. Just to start off with: the no auto-reload, a big pet peave for those jumping into the game and into an immediate fight. Plus, no way-points, and inaccurate/incoherent/incomprehensible mission direction, will leave you wandering the field, exploring, back tracking, re-examining every little nook and cranny, and still without a clue of what you're supposed to do to advance the storyline. Too many times are the controls forcibly removed from the player and auto-driven, (Just play the first 5 minutes) instead of allowing the player to activate the next step on their own. The lack of actual audio dialog makes it extremely difficult to play, as the words are flying at the bottom of the screen while you're in the middle of doing something else that needs your attention. This really leaves the player confused, looking up and down on the screen constantly (I know it gave me a headache!) and unable to, again, read a detailed mission direction as to what to do, because you were doing something else, unable to read, and left wandering the map for 30 minutes figuring out the next step.
ASIDE from all this, the MOD has many numerous qualities. The almost exact replica of Stargate Command, for all those 'Gaters out there, is definitly a welcome treat. It is very satisfying to be able to walk into the SGC, well, no, It's DAMN satisfying to be be able to walk into SGC.
I gave this MOD a 5/10, and previously agreed to bump it up if issues were resolved, but have reduced it to 1/10 due to blantantly obvious new accounts being created to give a 10/10


johbowfor says

Tell me how to install it and I will rate is appropriately. The install directions don't work.


laurentcourtay says

Le pire mod au monde, du stargate, 7 jours pour agir, BSG... Nan mais sérieux les mecs, arrêter la fumette car quand vous fumer vous faites vraiment de la merde! Je préfère encore jouez au solitaire cas se (mod)


stewy-j says

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I was really looking forward to this mod, I think it has massive potential.
After downloading and installing I was fairly disappointed, I seriously struggled to get through the first few firefights I had in the game. I was plagued by graphical and gameplay glitches and there was little to no instruction on how to play the game.
I was planning to spend weeks playing this mod right through maybe even more than once. In reality I rage quit within the first hour. I couldn't get past a part where you have to protect a scientist in a snow storm from an army with 10 bullets and a sidekick who cant aim. I even dialed it down to the easiest setting.
From the gameplay videos and the descriptions I'm sure there is the potential for a great game in there, I just can't seem to get past the first mission so I can play it.
If they make it a little easier for us noobs (I've been playing shooters on and off since wolfenstein ) I might revisit, I might even give you a decent score.
For now I will base my score on the amount of hours of enjoyment I got out of the mod ( 0.01 round up to the nearest whole number = 1)


night_chrono says

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After spending the first hour stumbling around the SGC talking to EVERY SINGLE NPC looking for the one that updates my current fetch quest I was annoyed, after he sent me on ANOTHER fetch quest (this time interrupted by driving cut-scenes and even more terrible dialog), I was peeved. After finally going through the gate on my first mission to Abydos and being sent on ANOTHER BLOODY FETCH QUEST, I quit playing and uninstalled.

If there is anything that sums this mod up, it is bad game design. Seriously what the hell was the point to most of the stuff I did? One "mission" is going to the bar in town, getting drunk, start talking about top-secret stuff out of the SGC, and then getting subdued by your army buddies. That's the entire mission. WHY DID THAT HAVE TO BE IN THERE?!

Maybe this gets better more than an hour and a half in, I wouldn't know. But by having all that crap in the beginning ensured I will never find out.


Homoerectus1994 says

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This mod just crashed on me for no reason at all. Bad mod, hope it burns in Hell.


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