StarCry is a single player mod started in 2007 for the game Crysis with numerous references of science fiction well-known of the players. Explore new worlds and fight the threat of our planet! / Two modders for this project : Mick & Dark_Wolf / Languages : english & french subtitles

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ProGrasTiNation says

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I have always wanted to shoot up the place with zats & staff weapons & this mod lets me do just that.
Some bugs & graphics glitches are present but over all a very good mod.


stewy-j says

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I was really looking forward to this mod, I think it has massive potential.
After downloading and installing I was fairly disappointed, I seriously struggled to get through the first few firefights I had in the game. I was plagued by graphical and gameplay glitches and there was little to no instruction on how to play the game.
I was planning to spend weeks playing this mod right through maybe even more than once. In reality I rage quit within the first hour. I couldn't get past a part where you have to protect a scientist in a snow storm from an army with 10 bullets and a sidekick who cant aim. I even dialed it down to the easiest setting.
From the gameplay videos and the descriptions I'm sure there is the potential for a great game in there, I just can't seem to get past the first mission so I can play it.
If they make it a little easier for us noobs (I've been playing shooters on and off since wolfenstein ) I might revisit, I might even give you a decent score.
For now I will base my score on the amount of hours of enjoyment I got out of the mod ( 0.01 round up to the nearest whole number = 1)


overwatchprivate says

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The mod was looked very nice visually but the gameplay is much to difficult and frustrating.


night_chrono says

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After spending the first hour stumbling around the SGC talking to EVERY SINGLE NPC looking for the one that updates my current fetch quest I was annoyed, after he sent me on ANOTHER fetch quest (this time interrupted by driving cut-scenes and even more terrible dialog), I was peeved. After finally going through the gate on my first mission to Abydos and being sent on ANOTHER BLOODY FETCH QUEST, I quit playing and uninstalled.

If there is anything that sums this mod up, it is bad game design. Seriously what the hell was the point to most of the stuff I did? One "mission" is going to the bar in town, getting drunk, start talking about top-secret stuff out of the SGC, and then getting subdued by your army buddies. That's the entire mission. WHY DID THAT HAVE TO BE IN THERE?!

Maybe this gets better more than an hour and a half in, I wouldn't know. But by having all that crap in the beginning ensured I will never find out.


Homoerectus1994 says

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This mod just crashed on me for no reason at all. Bad mod, hope it burns in Hell.


maxim123 says

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great mod! its veryy dificukt but still great!!

people who dont agre with this comment are just haters who hate this mod


0TimeTraveler0 says

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Finally a mod that dosnt suck for crysis!


modsuki says

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Finished. One of the best mod in Crytek games. 100% the best of Crysis. MUch better than others.


azureguy says

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What the mod offers, is solid. There is no way to make it any better really, so it deserves a perfect score for getting the balance and potential right from the start.
Just like Crysis, there is a bit of sneaking, lots of shooting, the occasional boss fight and vehicle sequence - all of it well-done. No real letdowns here, and fair too.
This mod even has a New Game + mode which is rare for any FPS games.

Regardless if you're a fan of Star Whatever or not, this is good stuff. Give it a try!


d10sfan says

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Great detail on the maps, but plagued with bugs. Abydos immediately crashed, and some weird texture bugs popup sometimes.

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