StarCraft: Rivalry is a campaign set that takes place only a year after the events of Brood War. The first campaign, entitled "An Unborn Prophecy", follows a duo of Zerg Cerebrates in their quest to salvage the successes of Duran's hybrid experiments. The second campaign, "No Leaders, No Slaves", tells the tale of a Protoss Templar forced into exile from his homeworld of Aiur by the rampaging Zerg. Culminating with the events of "With Iron Fists Come Iron Shackles", which finds the local militia of the Terran planet Decimus-13 (more commonly referred to as "Desmond") besieged by overwhelming Protoss forces, StarCraft: Rivalry aims to be a worthy successor to StarCraft's own Brood War campaign in terms of storytelling, voice acting, modding, and gameplay. StarCraft: Rivalry will introduce a slew of new units, such as the Protoss Reptilian, the Terran Mastodon, and the Zerg Asphyxiator, as well as several new heroes. Check back often for news!

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