Star Wars: The New Era was the first large Star Wars modification attempt made on Source Engine. It was produced by Invision Games, a group of over 60 modders and Star Wars fans that have evolved from the Movie Battles 2 community and a mod team working on "Star Wars: Source" before. Star Wars: The New Era was supposed to become a class-based multiplayer experience featuring objective-based scenarios. The project was abandoned in 2013 after all of the remaining team members dropped due to time constraints after starting to study or working in the industry. Initially, the latest state of the mod was planned to be released under Creative Commons license to allow the community to continue the work. Unfortunately, getting in contact with many former team members in order to open-source their work did not work out, so the decision was made not to release any assets without express permit by the respective authors.

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The New Era Wallpaper pack

The New Era Wallpaper pack

Dec 6, 2007 Wallpapers (0.90mb) 11 comments

A collection of 3 cinematic wallpapers for the Star Wars: The New Era mod

TNE Wallpaper pack 2

TNE Wallpaper pack 2

May 31, 2009 Wallpapers (0.56mb) 4 comments

The brand new TNE matte painting from the game's menu as a wallpaper in the formats 1920x1080 (widescreen) and 1280x1024.

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