Welcome to Star Wars Mod: Galactic Warfare, a modification for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. All began with a new 3D-model, and soon the idea to extend this theme as a non commercial fan project was born. In the meantime, our project is taking shape and we have found a couple of new comrades in addition to the team already involved in the development of Apesgorod. It's our goal to unite our favourite game CoD4:MW with the classic universe of Star Wars, as the best trilogy ever. With this total conversion we will combine lot of the known battlegrounds, characters and weapons of Star Wars with the fantastic gameplay of the COD4-Multiplayer. Either as a trooper of the Imperial Forces or as a soldier from the Rebel Alliance you will fight on some different locations.

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10 GOKU1972

Aug 10th, 2011 1 person agrees 0 people don't

looks like a cool mod , but when is the installer going to be posted

InsanityPays says
10 InsanityPays

Jul 28th, 2011 1 person agrees 0 people don't

Well done. I HATE call of duty, it felt clunky and got boring after 3 games, but this, this mod should be released as A GAME with achievements and custom classes, and if so it would most likely do better in sales than MW2...REPLACE MW3 WITH THIS. Seriously though this mod is the best star wars FPS experience (when it comes to infantry that is) thats because battlefront had space combat.

DukeOfJudea says
10 DukeOfJudea

Jul 23rd, 2011 1 person agrees 0 people don't

good work people good work

MattHarvey says
10 MattHarvey

Jul 19th, 2011 1 person agrees 0 people don't

Purely Amazing.

HaradRhunHitler=Love says
10 HaradRhunHitler=Love

Jul 14th, 2011 1 person agrees 0 people don't

Fantastic Mod!

SumB says
8 SumB

Jul 7th, 2011 2 people agree 1 person doesn't

Personally I think that the mod looks awesome. You can see all the hard work done for it. It works pretty well exept for one thing, spawns. You should really think spawning places again, couple of runs and you know exactly where your opponent is going to spawn. Got 50 kill streak on Bespin by just standing on the enemys spawn and electrocuting them.

Belendorr says
10 Belendorr

Jul 7th, 2011 1 person agrees 0 people don't

Wonderfully oriented-models along with awesome animations. I loved the conversion. Good Job!

Ampersand says
10 Ampersand

Jul 6th, 2011 1 person agrees 0 people don't

Spectacular total-conversion mod. From weapons to characters to maps to air support powers. Some maps are even based on previous CoD favorites!

Skaikrouw. says
10 Skaikrouw.

Jul 3rd, 2011 1 person agrees 0 people don't


Gangstaboy says
10 Gangstaboy

Jul 1st, 2011 1 person agrees 0 people don't


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