The mod is based on adopting the corruption mechanic of the Zann Consortium to be used as "rebellion" by the Alliance.

Galactic strategy will require two very different gameplays,
the Empire has to guard it's systems and hyperspace lines against pirates and rebels, while expanding and absorbing neutral systems on occasion, and hunting down the rebel leaders,
while the Rebellion will have to disrupt commerce and support lines, raid key systems, sabotage imperial superweapon researches, and constantly be mobile to avoid the Empires iron fist.

There will be plenty of neutral planets, behind which the Alliance can hide, but only for so long. The Galactic Empire on the other hand is based on fear and tyranny, which are very susceptible to the ideas of hope and freedom. If not managed right, the Empire will collapse under it's own economical and ideological weight.

Space battles are changed to mimic the LucasArts X-Wing series and the pacific theatre of the second world war, while land battles are smaller scale battles with mixed units, which represent whole invasions. Rebellion (former corruption) missions will be added too later.

Galactic economy now has maintenance costs for every single unit and installation, which creates a sensitive balance. You'll not be able to build and maintain a Death Star just like that. It will cost you... a lot.
Taxing star systems and hyperspace routes, mining operations on planets and asteroids, or raids, smuggling operations and benefactors of the Alliance on rebelled planets will provide now the credits to run a war in the galaxy far far away.

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News 4 comments

Alliance Intelligence Agent /Defiler/ (represented by SpecOps squad in ground battle missions)

spreads: Rebellion /Corruption/

Resistance /Racketeering/

Estabilish an underground intelligence and support network on a planet.

requirements: agent, specforce line battalion, credits

benefits: reveal, salvaging, income

Sabotage /Intimidation/

Destroy a key facility to halt production of enemy war material.

requirements: agent, minor hero / starfighter hero squadron, credits, ground/space battle

unlocks: Capture

benefits: disables planet speciality permanently

Capture /Kidnapping/

Capture and interrogate a high level imperial officer to aquire tactical information.

requirements: agent, SpecForce infiltrator battalion, credits, ground battle

unlocks: Insurgency

benefits: reveal

Insurgency /Bribery/

Creates a diversion to occupy thus block all garrison units from entering battle.

requirements: Capture, agent, credits

unlocks: Revolution

benefits: reveal, no enemy garrison units

Revolution /Corrupt militia/

Ignites an open revolution to free the planet from imperial oppression.

requirements: Insurgency, agent, credits

benefits: use of indigneous rebel units in ground battle, if rebellion is removed, planet is evacuated of enemy units, and all enemy facilities are removed

Space denial /Piracy/

Employs hit-and-run tactics, convoy harassment and captures enemy starships.

requirements: agent, hero starfighter wing, SpecForce marine regiment, credits, space battle

unlocks: Black market, Alliance

benefits: reveal, captured ships, income

Alliance /Slavery/

Enlists the help of Allied Commands and recruits indigneous units from the Sector Forces.

requirements: Space denial, agent, credits

benefits: unlocks buildable cheap/unique Sector Force and Alliance Starfleet units

Black Market

Buys space or ground units and advanced technology via underground operations.

requirements: Space denial, agent, credits

unlocks: unit upgrades

benefits: purchasable units, technology research

Imperial Intelligence Agents (minor imperial hero, represented by Storm Commandos squad in ground battle missions) has the remove Rebellion ability.

This video summarizes the strength and tactics of the Rebel Alliance.

Starship Classification Systems

Starship Classification Systems

Feature 3 comments

All starships are classified according to these systems for ease of use. Rock-paper-scissors just got upgraded.

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Models Pack 1 comment

Modders resource package. Blaster, laser, turbolaser and heavy turbolaser models for both space and ground battles. Free public release. Merry Christmas...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 99)

This mod looks really promising. While working on Thrawn's Revenge I had the same mod idea recently myself, where the Rebellion's gameplay is all about being constantly on the move while the Imperials are locked down to their planets. Income / Expenditure would be different to each faction as well - Rebels would get income based on their recruitment structures (e.g. Barracks) + Smugglers, while Imperials would get income based solely on their planets (some planets would provide more than others - can also build "Tax Centers" to boost a planet's income by 100%, at the cost of the population rising up against you, if having natural Rebel-sympathies).

One idea I had for my planned mod was to, along with some major changes to land combat and encourage mobile gameplay for the Rebels, would be for the Rebels to have have mobile recruitment buildings (can pack + unpack via air transport - can move to space layer to relocate to a different planet's land layer) - each one you build gives you some income on the galactic map, but are expensive (it hurts more when you lose one). Buildings can be told to act as a unit and be called down onto the battlefield via a special construction transport animation. Once deployed, they would act as a constant yet slow supply of spawning troops (like defending buildings - but a lot slower; good for long-term, pitched battles). However, you would also have the ability to pack the building up (via the same air transport with a different animation) and move it across the battlefield to a different location - the risk would be that it'd be very slow and vulnerable to AA / air-units. While a building officially acts like a unit, it can easily retreat from a battle both on offense and defense if it reaches a landing point (since defending Rebels can retreat from land battles - bypassing the space layer on their way out. If the retreat timer is delayed to at least a a few minutes, a player could get some serious Battle of Hoth vibes)

I do have one question, though; if you do plan on adding the Black Sun - who also ought to rely on the corruption mechanic as well - is it possible for them to use the same mechanic, or can it only be used for one faction?

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Megabalta Creator

Ideas noted, although you should have a rather good lua know-how to make some of the things you wrote.

I do plan to add the Black Sun as a non-playable faction. As of now, the only two playable factions are the Empire and the Rebellion. If I won't be an old man at the release, I'm planning to add a third never before seen surprise faction for a smaller campaign.

To answer your question: I don't know, I've never tried to add more than one expansion faction to the game. I do know there can be only one graphical version for the corruption assets.

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Megabalta Creator

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Megabalta Creator

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Followed, so glad its gonna feel like Star wars rebellion the board game

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Omg a mod that tries to represent the asymmetry of the rebellion! Thats awes I want to play and help if you guys need it :3

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Megabalta Creator

I'm kinda working alone on this mod, so it might take another 26 years to finish it, but I'll release an alpha test version eventually.

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oh okay well if you need someone who can do crummy models and textures but with a lot of enthusiasm and ideas then im your girl!

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Error post...ignore please haha

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