This is Rise of Hope, formerly known as FOC: Reborn.

This mod has the objective of:

-Replace all vanilla game units in space with the same ones but better quality or a ship that can replace its function.

-Rework almost all of the GUI.

-This mod is based on the time followed by the end of the Clone Wars and the following Jedi Purge, the emergence of the Rebel Alliance and his fight against the Empire and its consequent defeat and integrate some parts of the Era of the New Republic.

-Make the mod as realistic as possible, but maintain a balance between factions.

The mod will incorporate Legends and Canon as it sees fit, but this will mostly be units or heroes, not history.

If you want to say something, just leave me a comment, I´ll always answer, for obvious or bad it is, I'll have an answer.

Great thanks to the following people/teams for help me in problems, provided models, etc.

-Yuuzhan Vong At War Team.


-Republic Assault Development Team. (I´m part of them)



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RSS Articles

Hero List

News 23 comments

Hello all, we've been busy behind the scenes polishing, brainstorming, and bouncing ideas around and now we feel is a good time to show our planned hero list for the mod. We are still thinking about how to properly do Bounty Hunters so not many of them will appear in the list. Certain minor heroes may have to be recruited from certain places. Minor Heroes WILL NOT respawn (non-negotiable) and as of right now, neither will Major Heroes. If you believe this should be changed, explain why below. This list is not final and is subject to change. Now, onto the list:

Galactic Empire

Major Heroes

  • Emperor Palpatine/Darth Sidious
  • Darth Vader
  • Grand Moff Tarkin
  • Boba Fett
  • 181st Fighter Wing
  • Admiral Firmus Piett
  • Various iterations of Thrawn
  • The Grand Inquisitor
  • General Maximilian Veers
  • Director Orson Krennic
  • Admiral Kendal Ozzel
  • Agent Kallus (May defect later)

Minor Heroes

  • Grand Admiral Martio Batch (Allows the production of TIE Phantoms)
  • Grand Admiral Nial Declann
  • Grand Admiral Octavian Grant (ISD I Oriflamme)
  • Grand Admiral Josef Grunger (Executor SSD Aggressor)
  • Grand Admiral Ishin-Il-Raz (ISD I Emperor's Disciple)
  • Grand Admiral Afsheen Makati (ISD I Steadfast)
  • Grand Admiral Danetta Pitta (Torpedo Sphere)
  • Grand Admiral Peccati Syn (ISD I Fi)
  • Grand Admiral Miltin Takel (ISD I Magic Dragon)
  • Grand Admiral Osvald Teshik (ISD I Eleemosynary)
  • Grand Admiral Rufaan Tigellinus (ISD I Avatar)
  • Grand Admiral Demetrius Zaarin (ISD I Glory, allows the production of TIE Experimentals, will defect later)
  • Various Iterations of Rae Sloane
  • Colonel Wullf Yularen (Venator Star Destroyer Resolution)
  • Admiral Terrinald Screed (Gladiator Star Destroyer Demolisher)
  • Captain Lorth Needa (ISD II Avenger)
  • Captain Xamuel Lennox (ISD I Tyrant)
  • Fleet Admiral Gallius Rax (Executor SSD Ravager)
  • Inferno Squad (Special forces Infantry unit)

Alliance to Restore the Republic

Major Heroes

  • Commander Ahsoka Tano
  • Bail Organa
  • R2-D2 & C-3P0
  • General Crix Madine
  • Dash Rendar
  • General Garm Bel Iblis
  • Ghost Crew
  • Fleet Admiral Gial Ackbar
  • Han Solo & Chewbacca
  • General Jan Dodonna
  • Commander Jun Sato
  • Commander Luke Skywalker
  • Mon Mothma
  • Leia Organa
  • Captain Raymus Antilles
  • Red Squadron (Scarif) --> Red Squadron (Yavin) --> Rogue Squadron
  • Galen Marek
  • Yoda
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi

Minor Heroes

  • Admiral Nammo (Home One-Type Star Cruiser Defiance)
  • Admiral Raddus (MC75-Type Star Cruiser Profundity)
  • Bandit Squadron (Elite Z-95 Squadron)
  • Blade Squadron (Elite B-Wing Squadron)
  • Blue Squadron (Elite B-Wing Squadron)
  • Corona Squadron (Elite X-Wing Squadron)
  • Gold Squadron (Elite Y-Wing Squadron)
  • Green Squadron (Elite A-Wing Squadron)
  • General Rham Kota (Twin-Pronged AF MKI Victorious)
  • Moff Kalast (ISD II Avenger)
  • Kado Oquoné (Hammerhead Corvette Lightmaker)
  • Rebel One
  • Rachi Sitra (Eta-2 Actis Lonely Five)
  • Admiral Harkov (VSD I Protector)
  • Captain Juno Eclipse (Nebulon-B Frigate Salvation)
  • Captain Cassian Andor & K-2SO
  • Rianna Saren
  • Cham Syndulla (It only appears on Ryloth, helping the Alliance)

Black Sun Crime Syndicate

Major Heroes

  • Prince Xizor
  • Durga Besadii Tai
  • Guri
  • Jodo Kast
  • Grand Admiral Andal Sait
  • Perit
  • Savan
  • Zekka Thyne

Zaarin's Splinter Government

Major Heroes

  • Grand Admiral Demetrius Zaarin
  • Arden Lyn
  • Commander Raveen

Separatist Holdouts

Major Heroes

  • Kendu Ultho
  • Marath Vooro
  • Sentepeth Findos
  • Gizor Dellso
  • Kalani (May be recruitable by the Black Sun and the Rebels in later tech lvls)
  • Bomo Greenbark
  • Raina Quill
  • Horn Ambigene (Will be recruitable by the Rebels in later tech lvls)
  • Atticus Farstar
  • Rootrock
A look to the future of the Galactic Conquest

A look to the future of the Galactic Conquest

News 24 comments

Resume of how GCs will work and factions in the mod.

Planets Allegiances

Planets Allegiances

News 4 comments

All planets allegiances in the GC´s, what planets supports what faction and the benefits they give to the owners.

List of Planets (At last)

List of Planets (At last)

News 15 comments

This is a list of the planets I will use in the mod.

Restarting work slowly

Restarting work slowly

News 1 comment

News from the mod to tell and new abilities and opportunities open for me.

RSS Files
Alpha-3 Nimbus-Class V-Wing Starfighter Pack

Alpha-3 Nimbus-Class V-Wing Starfighter Pack

Vehicle Model

Free Radical's V-Wing Starfighter rigged for Empire at War. No XML included.

2-M Repulsor Tank

2-M Repulsor Tank

Vehicle Model

2-M Repulsor Tank from Star Wars Commander by Nkorn. Free Release.

Victory Pack V3

Victory Pack V3

Models Pack 14 comments

Victory-class ships V3 for ROH by Nkorn. Free release.

TIE Defender

TIE Defender

Models Pack 1 comment

TIE Defender of the YVAW team, modified to look like the original version. Free Release.

Models Pack: TIE Bombers

Models Pack: TIE Bombers

Models Pack 4 comments

Star Wars Battlefront DICE: TIE Bomber and variants by Nkorn. Free Release.

TIE/sa Bomber V2

TIE/sa Bomber V2

Vehicle Model 4 comments

Star Wars Battlefront II: TIE Bomber by Nkorn. Free Release.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 378)

I really like the dark times inspiration as well as all the good 'ol legends lore.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


Hey, I agree dead heroes or villains should stay dead, but can you at least make it where the heroes won't die easily? It would be annoying if every enemy ship just team shots my hero and dies in seconds.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
nkorn Creator

Yes, all heroes will have buffed stats, some of them unique ships which gaves them some advantage, but you wont be able to send a ISD hero alone against a fleet of MC ships for example or Luke Skywalker against 6 AT-ATs and think you can get out of there alive.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Hate to be a purist but you misspelled the name of the Tyrants Captain is Xamel Lennox not Lennon

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
nkorn Creator

No problem, thanks for that.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Not enough heroes was the big problem with the base game so it will be great to get a LOT more.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

is there a planed relese date?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Would general Jan Dodonna be in?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
nkorn Creator

He´s planned, we just forgot to add it to the list.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Alright, the mod looks pretty good. Hope to play it soon!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
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