A revised gameplay format. Large scaled surface and space maps to accommodate massive military movement. Totally revised unit functions for a more in depth, complicated, and realistic game. Nearly every script has been reviewed and altered to bring out the true nature of the game, and bring it to its full potential. This project is dedicated to what could have been….

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Posted by jawnkwan on Oct 14th, 2012

I am working on a project that will recreate the Future War shown in the 1984 film, Terminator. It has only a working title for now, Terminator: Armageddon.

The story takes the player on a journey, as a refugee hiding in the ruins, then becoming a soldier in the TechCom resistance, all the way to 2029 where the final blow against SkyNet is struck and when Kyle Reese chases the T800 across time to save Sarah Connor and her unborn son.

The game is broken down into many Parts which will create an in depth story of survival.

I intend to use the Source Engine for this project.

I will need a team:
Texture Artists
Level Designers
Voice Actors
Audio Artists

To Apply

Contact jawnkwan for information

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