///----MOD INFO----///

The Mod Star Wars Empire at War The Terran Incident is a Mod of Frankie, Drako & Raab.
The TTI Mod is a total conversion for the game Empire at War: Forces of Corruption and gets 3 complete new races which you can play. There is no compare to a TV series or any game, so all is complete new!

The 3 races are the Terrans, Eridanes and the Dragans, more later. There will be a new Galaxy map with nice new features like black holes or supernovas and has ca. 80 - 100 planets.

All things will be changed what can be changed !!!

projected are:
- 3 races:

Terrans made by Frankie
Eridans made by Raab
Dragans made by Drako

- complete new units
- new skins
- new planet areas
- complete new weapons, engines and all other, but we will see what is possible and what not in the view of the scripts.
- there are a complete new galaxy map which will be reworked in many aspects, also not only the planet names… many new things, black holes, supernovas, wormhole and so one…! Let you surprise what we implement !
- ca. 80 - 100 planets are planned - in every system you will find several planets, maybe we make also a second galaxy…

///----The Story of the Mod----///

Earth – At the start of the 22th century:
The climate of the earth becomes more and more worse and natural disasters destroyed also the surface of the earth.
The environment is very poisoned that life is nearly impossible.
Because of all this reasons, the humans decide to leave the earth, so that the earth can regenerate.
They began to construct three very large evacuation ships with the aim to leave the earth.

Earth - 23th century:
The three evacuation ships were starting the voyage from earth to the aimed course called New Terra.
The whole crew was also in a stasis sleep. The flight took many decades because the speed was very slow.
The first evacuation ship was isolated of the other ships due a system error and was flying to a totally
unknown area of the space. The second ship must correct also his course, because there was a space anomaly between the ships.
The ship changed also the course, away from this strange anomaly. But it was slightly damaged from the anomaly and was
also forced to use a wrong course. Now only one ship is remaining to continue the voyage to New Terra. The other two ships
were lost in space.

24th century:
The last evacuation ship reaches New Terra. Now there is the new beginning of the human race with
the aim to colonize the new planet. But the other two ships with the wrong course were also in an area,
but heavy damaged. One ship is in the Gamma Draconis System with the habitable planet and the last one is
in the Delta Eridani System. They start also with the colonization of her planets.

25th century:
After some time all three sides develop to a stage of development compared with the 21th century.
Now there are three sides during the colonization, the Terraner, the Dragans and the Eridans.
But every side thinks that they are the only survivor. The final use of the space technic starts also again
at the end of this century.

26th century:
At the start of the century, begins an independence war between the several colonists on New Terra.
The Terran Alliance was formed during this war. But this war had a wasteful reason, the technology development
of the Terrans were thrown back. The Dragans and Eridanes had already adapted to the planetary conditions and have mutated.
But all three races have researched his origin and have sent also research ships to the old earth. However all
research ships were destroyed and nobody knows why. The Dragans and the Eridanes were at first in the solar system and
the war over the earth has begun with a bloody battle. As the Terran fleet was coming, there were two unknown ships of
the Dragans and Eridans. The Terrans have interfered into the battle. All were responsible that the research ships of the
enemy were destroyed.

At the end of the 27th century:
An open war declaration between the three races was announced. The winner of this conflict gets the earth.


The first Terran space units:

//----MOD BY FRANKIE (WARLORD_THB), Drako &. Raab----//

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sounds like a good mod... would sound a little better if the Mod Info was written with proper english standards

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sounds like starcraft because if the terran.

Reply Good karma Bad karma-1 votes

The term Terran has been around way before they developed computers, much less Starcraft. I'm continually amazed at how many ideas are credited to Starcraft even though those same ideas were around long before said game. Take Starship Troopers for example. A lot of people think it's a ripoff of Starcraft, and yet it was written in the 1950s.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Terran comes from latin Terra wich means Earth:P

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Nice to see its back :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

too bad :( it seemed a very promising mod :(

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

is this mod alive or dead because i would really like this to be released

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

hhmmm looks good how do you insta it for the first game.
I lost my FoC

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Looks good

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

my email adress is andrewkard666@hotmail.com

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