///----MOD INFO----/// The Mod Star Wars Empire at War The Terran Incident is a Mod of Frankie, Drako & Raab. The TTI Mod is a total conversion for the game Empire at War: Forces of Corruption and gets 3 complete new races which you can play. There is no compare to a TV series or any game, so all is complete new! The 3 races are the Terrans, Eridanes and the Dragans, more later. There will be a new Galaxy map with nice new features like black holes or supernovas and has ca. 80 - 100 planets. All things will be changed what can be changed !!! projected are: - 3 races: Terrans made by Frankie Eridans made by Raab Dragans made by Drako - complete new units - new skins - new planet areas - complete new weapons, engines and all other, but we will see what is possible and what not in the view of the scripts. - there are a complete new galaxy map which will be reworked in many aspects, also not only the planet names… many new things, black holes, supernovas, wormhole and so one…! Let...

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Preferably Germany, but other countries are OK as well [OLD] XML Coder & Modeler required at FLAM Modding

xml coder & modeler required flam modding preferably germany, but other countries are ok as well artists the flam modding team requires a skilled modeler and a xml coder for a star wars: empire at war forces of corruption modding project. about the project: the project is a total conversion of the game and has nothing to do with star wars or any other sci-fi title you might know. it still plays in the future, though. our final goal is to add a lot of new units, a completely new galactic conquest map as well as side missions and new tech systems for each faction. that's all i can tell for now, since we've decided to work on that project in secret for now to avoid pressure from the community. however, if you want to convince yourself wether we are able to create good mods then you might want to check out our other projects we're working on right now, like: -sins of a solar empire: future wars - tactical simulator http://www.moddb.com/mods/future-wars-tactical-simulation -star trek armada 2: future wars http://www.moddb.com/mods/star-trek-armada-ii-future-wars -spaceship addon 4 http://www.moddb.com/mods/secret-weapons-of-the-empire now we're getting to the requirements you should meet if you'd like to apply: if you'd like to apply as a modeler you should: -own a copy of 3ds max (version 6, 7, 8 or 9) -have some experience in modeling, of course -be able to work for a longer time if you'd like to apply as a coder you should: -know a lot about the general empire at war xml structure -be able to code: -units(including hard points, companies, containers and squadrons) -galactic conquest maps and planets -specialstructures -events/lua scripts(not required, but would be an advantage) -be able to work for a longer time additionally it would be an advantage if you were able to speak german, but that's also not really required!

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