Prolouge of the Earth at war storyline:
Hello, I’m
Megavin, one of the chosen keyblade warriors. I was born on the planet Bespin
and lived there for five years, when I was discovered by the keyblade wielder
council I moved to their home planet called Carida where I followed training to
become one of the keyblade masters; those where elite keyblade warriors whose
goal was to protect the galaxy from feared dark creatures known as ‘the
Heartless’ led by a warrior of darkness whose name was ‘Ansem’. However when I
was twelve Carida was attacked and destroyed by the Heartless and I knew to
escape with a handful of other keyblade warriors: Sora, Sam, Justin and Dave.
Together we fled to the Kamino system and we established a small militia there
called the ‘Galactica
Republic’ and with that
army we fought and defeated the Dark Empire which is another feared faction in
the universe. Another two years later the Galaxy was in peace and the United
Galactic Federation was formed, led by us, the elite keyblade warrior council.
When I was fourteen years old we declared war with the heartless and we fought
two massive wars against them. During those wars we also reformed the Keyblade
order and we had a army of keyblade warriors who fought alongside us in the so called
‘Heartless Wars’. The war ended one year later and we disbanded the U.G.F. and
the members of the Elite council where shattered and fled to several small
outer rim worlds, I fled to a small temperate planet called Earth located in
the Sun system and I lived there for twenty years with the name ‘Melvin
Winthagen’ but then something happened; Russia has established a colony on the
planet Coruscant and the UN Declares war with Russians calling themselves the
‘Intergalactic empire’ and I joined the Earth alliance, the army formed by the
UN to take arms against the Intergalactic Empire. However we also encountered a
third faction in the galaxy: The feared Black hole pirates, accompanied by the
Heartless! But they weren’t led by Ansem. They where led by the Lord of
Darkness; the true leader of Darkness, killing him will make the Heartless
disappear for good, so I realised that this was the very beginning of the end
of my war with the Heartless.

This is
Earth at War!

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Colonus-class frigate To address feedback Guardian-Class Carrier

A while ago, I followed a tutorial on how to make realistic and good looking spaceships in Sketchup, which I am trying out at the moment; however the models I'm making at the moment will not be for this mod. I have decided to step aside from this project for the time being, so that I can help other beginning mods out, so that I can gain more experience to make Earth at War better in the end. I will obviously finish the model for Earth at War I'm working on at the moment of course. My team, or what is left of it will be left free to continue working on the mod, so there might still be some updates now and then, but I can not promise anything.

So what will I be doing now?
At the moment Space_2012 and I ceased our nuclear comment war and I'm helping him with his project by giving some advises and so on. I have also been asked by DarthCeasar to help him with some of the models for his mod 'Vader's New Order'.

That's all I have to say for now, have a nice day :)


X-Mas update

X-Mas update

2 years ago News 1 comment Report

Hey ladies, gentlemen, and... other..., I'll go through this quickly since I'm writing this in an unholy hour in the Netherlands.



2 years ago News 1 comment Report

We've had a major shutdown and a long time of no updates. I can now perform that I'm 100% back. In this news update I'm announcing a new take on Space...

Reason of lack of updates

Reason of lack of updates

3 years ago News 2 comments Report

There haven't been any updates recently so I felt like explaining everyting to you guys, we're not dead!

April update

April update

3 years ago News 2 comments Report

Since a new month has started I shall post another progress update. :P

hi everybody and welcome to Earth at war. This mod this mod is based of a massive war between the intergalactic empire, the Earth alliance and the Black hole pirates. The music is already done right now and we're now doing the modelling and the coding...
X-mas present #24: Earth at war demo

X-mas present #24: Earth at war demo

3 years ago Demo 28 comments

Surprise! The final X-mas present I'm giving to you is this release. :D All the information you need is in the readme file, there are several annoying...

X-Mas present #12: Battle of the core (Video)

X-Mas present #12: Battle of the core (Video)

3 years ago Movies 2 comments

Hey, people, here's a vid I made of a battle on one of my maps. I made it to demonstrate you the gameplay of the mod. The reason why it's a download is...

Demo Space Map Pack

Demo Space Map Pack

3 years ago Demo 1 comment

3 Space maps for mod, they experimental (trying to aim at Night/Day versions of different maps):

Earth At War -Story 1- When it Begins

Earth At War -Story 1- When it Begins

4 years ago Other 8 comments

Here's the first short story for the beginning of the Earth At War timeline.

B-Day Lightsabors Mouse cursers

B-Day Lightsabors Mouse cursers

4 years ago Other 8 comments

This is a couple of light sabers for your mouse. Sence this is megavin123 B-Day i thought to release this for evryone. There is Yellow, Red, Purple, Green...

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megavin123 Creator
megavin123 Feb 13 2012 says:

I'm working on a video to demonstrate the reïnforcement fleets. I'm trying to get it here today.

-2 votes   reply to comment
mikey1871 Feb 13 2012 replied:

cool.. so where do i find your blog here on moddb?

0 votes     reply to comment
megavin123 Creator
megavin123 Feb 13 2012 replied:

It's on my profile. :)

-2 votes   reply to comment
mikey1871 Jan 30 2012 says:

hi again, found another one i think.

When ur playing the game in the GUI u have 2 sides, one a shade of blue and the other a shade of yellow. Yellow one is usually for the land units.

In your skirmish and GC games the blue shows what is building but the yellow just has a light for the first build and something tries really hard to show something is building in the 2-5 slot.

I've never seem this in any other mod.

ALso in the skirmish when we go to build the rebel assualt frigate, the one that looks like a long box... it shows up as a star trek Neblua looking cruiser in green, but that's all it never moves or shoots.

That's a waste of credits. :(

Those are the only things i found, but the mod if very very promising and I definitely want to play this when u get it finished !!!

Excellent demo !

Though it would be helpful if you included a shortcut or a MS-DOS bat file thingie... makes it easier to launch the game.

You might wanna talk to Corey of "Thrawn's Revenge"... they just came out with a new version and their installer is the best one i've seen in over a decade. :))

0 votes     reply to comment
mikey1871 Jan 29 2012 says:

found another item...

You have the demo set so that you instant build x-wings and y-wings. But you do not give them a population number.

Whenever i try a space battle in the GC equal footing on easy as the rebels with a bunch of fighter/bombers.... like 20 x-wings and 20 y-wings.. when the battle loads up and i start to move the ships around the game ctd. I think it's cause there aren't any pop for the fighters and the game doesn't know how to apply the pop cap limit.

Nice to have a pop cap for space battles of 70 :)))

I'm gonna see if adding a pop of 1 for x-wings and y-wings will fix this ctd problem.

+1 vote     reply to comment
megavin123 Creator
megavin123 Jan 30 2012 replied:

Yeah, the 1 cred 1 sec fighters is a bug but it will be fixed in future versions :P Thanks for telling btw.

0 votes   reply to comment
mikey1871 Jan 29 2012 replied:

k, so if i get attacked by pirates or empire while i'm the rebels and playing the GC equal footing... the space battle plays, but if I as the rebels attacks anyone in space... the only way to NOT ctd is to do auto play the battle and i win always.

I've tried installing your mod to use the stupid 6 yr old "mod launcher" and just to place all your mods files in the regular "Data" file and i keep getting this same bug. No matter how i install your mod.

Land battles are awesome. Ship models are awesome, Music is awesome.

And when your mod does ctd it highlights my tskmgr.. task manager when i Cntl+alt+delete. I've rarely seen a ctd caused by the task manager... other things like anti virus, mouse programs, other stuff, but not the task manager. I can't really shut that down.

I know it's a demo, and a great one at that. Hope this explains the quandary that i'm experiencing with your mod and that you can figure out a fix for it.

Your mod is very promising.

Of course this is all mute if you havent set the demo up to be played in GC mode yet. :(

+1 vote     reply to comment
mikey1871 Jan 29 2012 says:

hey d/l'd your demo... LOVE IT. your music is awesome.

I did have to remove that"Demo_Attr...ted file to get the demo to NOT ctd

only thing i found so far is whenever you try to build a land item, whatever your building doesn't show up with that particular icon while it's building. All you get on the land (yellow) track is something building.

I was playing as republic in equal footing GC on easy level when i found the above bug.
really like the quick build for small craft lol

if you want us to send bug reports somewhere else, let me know with a link to where u want them.

+1 vote     reply to comment
DrThompson Jan 27 2012 says:

This **** seriously needs to crash and burn. Its a ******* eyesore

0 votes     reply to comment
Velancious Jan 27 2012 replied:

Way to be nice!

+1 vote     reply to comment
megavin123 Creator
megavin123 Jan 27 2012 replied:

I lol'd while reading your rubbish. I bet you were describing yourself in that comment. Now would you please leave us. You're not helping.

+1 vote   reply to comment
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