hi everybody and welcome to Earth at war. This mod this mod is based of a massive war between the intergalactic empire, the Earth alliance and the Black hole pirates. The music is already done right now and we're now doing the modelling and the coding, however, we still need a rigger and a skinner and an additional modeller or coder would be welcome too.

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Hey again, here's weekly update number thirteen. This week I'll discuss the Garrison list from the Earth Alliance.

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Hey again, here's weekly update number thirteen. This week I'll discuss the Garrison list from the Earth alliance.

Alliance starbase lvl1: 3 X-Wing squadrons, 2 Y-Wing squadrons, 1 CR90 class corvette.
Alliance starbase lvl2: 6 X-Wing squadrons, 3 Y-wing squadrons, 2 CR90 class corvettes, 1 EF76 Nebulon-B escort frigate.
Alliance starbase lvl3:10 X-Wing squadrons, 5 Y-Wing squadrons, 2 A-Wing squadrons, 1 B-Wing squadron, 4 CR90 class corvettes, 2 DP20 class gunships, 2 EF76 Nebulon-B escort frigate, 1 Assault frigate.
Alliance starbase lvl4, 4 A-Wing squadrons, 2 B-Wing squadrons, 4 DP20 Gunships, 2 Assault frigates.
Alliance starbase lvl5: 8 A-Wing squadrons, 4 B-Wing squadrons, 4 Assault frigates, 2 MC30 class frigates, 1 MC80 Liberty class.
Homeworld starbase: 10 E-wing squadrons, 8 Preybird squadrons, 5 K-Wing squadrons, 2 F17 squadrons, 1 F18 squadron, 5 Tail-engine frigates, 2 UNSC Marathon class frigates, 1 New Republic star destroyer.
Jupiter station: 5 Nebula class star cruisers, 3 Galaxy class star cruisers, 2 Galaxy X class star cruisers, 1 Sovereign class star cruiser.

Barracks: Earth soldiers
Heavy Barracks:Earth bazooka soldiers
Light factory: t-b, t-2b, m3 battle tank.
Heavy factory: t-3b, t-4b, stuart combat tank.
Advanced factory: Invader assault walker, gargentuan class battle platform.

Well, this was the Earth alliances garrison list, I hope you like it.


I think I'm going to remain disappointed seeing the stock models remaining in game until the mod is made to fall in line with the idea behind it. It really is turning into a stock based model when it could be far much more.

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megavin123 Author

We will use new models with more detail

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mybe but its the starwars aspect which is what lets your mod down. Nothing more. Still. If your determined I would have one piece of advice. Use this mod as a means to give yourself experience.

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megavin123 Author

The reason why we're also using Star wars units is a uncannon way of the beginning of Star wars

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