hi everybody and welcome to Earth at war. This mod this mod is based of a massive war between the intergalactic empire, the Earth alliance and the Black hole pirates. The music is already done right now and we're now doing the modelling and the coding, however, we still need a rigger and a skinner and an additional modeller or coder would be welcome too.

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Chapter 2 of the story, enjoy. More coming soon.

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We just left our ship. The planet was beautiful; the grass was bright
green, the seas where perfect blue as they should be. There where also many
exotic animal and plant species that don’t live on earth. The air was different
than the oxygen on Earth, the air here smelled good and it gave you a good mood.
Aside of that there were also many retired VIPs; like Erik Destler also known
as the Opera Ghost or The Phantom of the Opera, Matthew bellamy singer from the
band Muse, Jared Leto who was the singer from the band 30 seconds to Mars and
many other people. Together we went to the Earth Alliances headquarters.

About a hour later we arrived at the headquarters, it was a big building that didn’t
look like human architecture; instead of a big square building it had the shape
of something I didn’t recognize. It had big round rooms with tubes connecting
them, but there were also square rooms and flat platforms to launch and land aircrafts
on, but the most epic thing was that it was floating. You could only enter it
by a holographic stairs. When we entered it I couldn’t believe my own eyes, the
lobby was huge, there was a red carpet covering the entire floor while the walls
and the ceiling were bright blue. There were many things to amuse yourself,
like the brand new ‘Playstation 7’.
‘Are you the new recruits from Earth?’ The man behind the reception asked.
‘Yes, my name is Melvin and this is my friend Justin’. I answered. ‘Good, our
leader Michael is waiting for you. He’s in meeting hall twelve’. The man said. ‘Alright, thank
you’. I said. We walked down a long corridor in shape of a giant tube. ‘Hey Justin, my Keyblades are acting weird, is your keyblade also acting strange?’ I asked. ‘Yes, it has a strange energy
coming out of it and that means only one thing: There’s another Keyblade
warrior here’. He answered. ‘Justin? Melvin? Is that really you?’ A voice
behind us said. We turned around and we saw somebody quite familiar, he had brown
spiky hair, awesome clothes and a gold and silver Keyblade. ‘Sora! How did you
get here? Didn’t you fled to Reach?’ I asked. ‘Well, I did go to Reach but I
heard that an army from Earth went to this planet and I remembered that you
fled to Earth, so I took my ship and went to Gliese 581d and here I am.’ He said.
‘And you’re still flying the Highwind?’ Justin asked. ‘Yes but I modified it
with some weapons from the local civilians there called ‘Spartans and Halos.’ Sora answered. ‘And what kind of weapons do they use?’ I asked ‘Missiles, many missiles, their main
battle cruiser ‘the UNSC Marathon Class’ can launch about seven hundred fifty
missiles at a time.’ Sora said. ‘Wow, that sure are a lot of missiles, I bet
they have a feared militia.’ Justin said. ‘Half true, their ships aren’t
shielded and the hull isn’t that strong, another race from planet Reach, the so
called ‘Covenant’ is much more powerful, their main battlecruisers, ‘the Covenant
assault carriers’ which have a diameter of three kilometres are armed with
weapons borrowed from the Heartless, without permission.’ Sora said. ‘Ah,
great, in that case we don’t have to be worried for them, if the Heartless find
them they’ll consume them into darkness.’ I said.

‘Excuse me, but are you Megavin, AKA Melvin Winthagen?’ A big man with a black costume
appeared behind us, un his suit was a badge with a picture of Planet Earth and
around it was the text; ‘The Earth Alliance’. ‘Yes that’s me.’ I replied. ‘Our leader Michael wants to send you on a mission, their has been strange activity near the ‘Unknown sector’, he wants you to take a fleet there and see what’s going on.’ The man said.
‘But there
are some Systems between us and the Unkown Sector which aren’t loyal to the
Earth Alliance, what should we do with them?’ Sora asked. ‘Be creative!
Liberate them, bribe them! But remember that getting to the Unknown sector is
your goal.’ The man answered. ‘Uhm.. I think, I’ll try using diplomacy, I only
attack if necessary. Justin, do you know what systems are between us?’ I asked.
‘I’m not sure but I think Mandalore, Geonosis and Ryloth.’ He said.
That is going to be a hard battle I think, the Mandalorians are the best
soldiers in the galaxy.’ I said, ‘But even the strongest warriors can be
beated, we just have to be smart.’ Sora said. ‘Yeah, we have to move quickly.’
Justin said. Attention! The Liberty will take of in
thirty minutes, please get in so quickly as possible. We won’t wait for slow
‘I think we’d better get on board’ Justin said. ‘Alright then, shall we?’ I said.
‘General Winthagen, it’s good to have you with us general.’ The commander of
the ship said. This ship took off and a few minutes later we were in space. It
was an amusing ride, the radio was playing music from the Phantom of the opera
and Rammstein and many other bands, there was pretty much to do in the ship. Attention! We’re heading for a nebula cloud, it might effect our ship but it isn’t dangerous. Please fasten your seat belts. We did what the intercom said. When I looked out of the window I saw a colourful
cloud approaching us. ‘I know these things. If we pass through them we’re blind
and it also consumes our shields. We are very vulnerable right now.’ Sora said.
Then we entered the nebula, all power was being drained away and we couldn’t
see a thing on the radar. ‘I hope we get out of here quickly, this place gives
me the creeps.’ Justin said. ‘Well these nebula clouds aren’t that big, it
won’t take very long before we are back in normal space.’ I said. ‘General
Winthagen; can you please come to the control room?’ A commander asked. ‘Sure,
do Sore and Justin also have to come?’ I said. ‘Yes, just come to the control
room, we have a situation.’ He said.

So we entered the control room, it was a big room with many computers and stuff.
‘I’ve come so fast as I could, what’s the problem captain?’ I said. ‘We’re
closing in on the Mandalore system and our scanners are reporting that there’s
a large Mandalorian fleet there. ‘Just enter the system, if they approach us we
say that we’re a passenger ship.’ I said. ‘But passenger ships don’t have
turbolaser and ion canon batteries.’ He answered. ‘Then divert all power of the
weapons into the engines and the shields.’ I said. ‘And what if they don’t fall
for it?’ he said. ‘That’s why we also boost the engine power so we can quickly
jump to lightspeed.’ This is Kadelbe-1, you aren’t registered in our database, please indentifycate yourself. I’ll take care of this captain.’ I said. Thanks, I’ll go to the passengers and explain them
the situation.’ He said. Repeat, you aren’t registered in our database, please identifycate yourself or prepare to be boarded! ‘This is mc80 Liberty, we are on a diplomatic mission to the unknown sector. We come in peace.’ I said. Where are you from? ‘We come from planet Earth from the Sun system.’ I said. Impossible! Humans from Earth are the most warlike creatures in the
universe! We are activating our tractor beams, you will be boarded immediately
and taken to the Great Mandalorian Chieftain. He’ll decide your fate!

Then we saw hundreds of small ships approaching. They were too big to be fighters and too
small to be corvettes. ‘Starvipers!’ Justin said. ‘We’re doomed, we’ll never last long against
them!’ Sora said. Then we heard a strange sound. ‘The Kedalbe-1 is sending
troops inside our ship.’ I said. ‘Hey you! Come with us, You’re under arrest!’
A Mandalorian trooper said. Five minutes later we landed on the planet. Unlike
Earth and Gliese 581d Mandalore had a forest like environment. The architecture
was different too. The houses looked more like barracks and everybody was
wearing armour. There was also a massive armoured temple. The Mandalorians took
us inside the temple. From the inside it was a huge arena with walls separating
the sections. In one of the walls was a door; it was of gold and there were carvings
of a ‘M’ on it. ‘This is the royal throne room, get in now! The mandalorian Chieftain is in there, he’ll decide your fate.’ One of the mandalorians said. ‘Yes I know, you’ve already told me
that.’ I said. ‘You dare to argue with Mandalorians!? Say one more word and we
will shoot you!’ The Mandalorian said. We ignored him and we went inside the
throne room. The throne room was entirely made of gold, excluding the red
carpet that leads to the throne. On the throne sat the Mandalorian Chieftain.
‘So, you were flying in restricted area.’ He said.
‘Yes my liege but I can explain it.’ I said. ‘Go on then.’ The Chieftain said. Well, we’re keyblade warriors, we are on a diplomatic mission to the Unknown sector.’ Justin said. ‘A keyblade warrior you say? Well, we have a special tradition
here on Mandalore; when a great warrior comes to Mandalore he or she will be
challenged to a one on one swordfight against me. With other words, I will kill
you in our arena tomorrow.’ The Chieftain said. ‘I accept your challenge.’ I
said. ‘What? Megavin, are you sure?’ Sora asked. ‘I’m afraid we have no
choice.’ I said. ‘But what if he kills you?’ Justin asked. ‘Hey Justin, trust
me. I know what I’m doing.’ I said.

We were taken to the dungeon, it was a dark and cold dungeon. The Mandalorians put us
in a so called execution cell; you stay there for one day and then you will die
in the arena. ‘Why does this always happen to us?’ Justin asked. ‘Heroes always
get trouble.’ Sora said with a smirk on his face. ‘Sora! This is no time for
jokes, we’re about to die!’ Justin and I said together. ‘I think I have an
idea.’ I said. ‘You do? Great!’ Justin said. ‘I’m going to contact the Earth
Alliance and ask for reinforcements.’ I said. ‘but how are you supposed to
contact them?’ Sora asked. ‘Well, I still have my cellphone.’ I said. ‘I hope
it’s going to work.’ Justin said. ‘Alright, now please be quiet. I’m going to
call them.’ I said. So I picked my phone and dialled the number. ‘Hello? Michael? This is General
Winthagen. Do you copy?’ I asked. ‘Yes general. What’s the situation general?’ Michael said. ‘Well,
we’ve arrived at mandalore and now we’re being held prisoner.’ I said. ‘And is
there anyway we can help?’ Michael asked. ‘We’ll be executed by tomorrow. Could you send some reinforcements please?’ I asked. ‘I can take care of that, I’ll have some infiltrators in the arena by
tomorrow.’ Michael said. ‘Thanks for that, but please don’t launch an invasion. We won’t stand a
chance against them.’ I said. ‘What do the Mandalorians have that we don’t have?’
Michael said. ‘Ehm.. rapid fire blaster riffles, mass driver canons, shield leachers, plasma
canons…’ I said while Michael interrupted me: ‘Ok, ok. I got the point. We’ll be careful.’ Michael said. ‘What did he say?’ Justin asked. He is sending infiltrators to Mandalore. If anything goes wrong they’ll
distract the Mandalorians so we can escape.’ I said. ‘But how are we getting of the planet?’ Sora asked. ‘ They’ll have a transport waiting for us.’ I said. ‘I hope you still no how to fly those
things.’ Justin said. ‘Haha, yeah I still know that. I only need to get used to
that ship.’ I said. ‘I can teach you if you want to.’ Sora said. ‘But I think
we’d better go to sleep. It’s getting very dark in here.’ I said. ‘But what if
they poison us while we’re sleeping?’ Justin asked. ‘Mandalorians are mean but
they aren’t cowards. They fight to the death and kill their enemies with
pride.’ Sora said. ‘Well then, good night everybody.’ I said and we quickly
fell asleep.


Epic.... Like the fact that the leader of the Earth Alliance is named Michael. XD Same as me.

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megavin123 Author

Lol, thanks, I´m uploading another episode :D

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