hi everybody and welcome to Earth at war. This mod this mod is based of a massive war between the intergalactic empire, the Earth alliance and the Black hole pirates. The music is already done right now and we're now doing the modelling and the coding, however, we still need a rigger and a skinner and an additional modeller or coder would be welcome too.

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After some serious trouble with so called "inactivity" and a comment war with Mapayne we managed to get Earth at war back to the public. Here's a progress update:

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First thing I want to discuss is that we're going to re-organise the mod.
We will now fully cut out Star Wars but we will be using modified Star Wars like units. (But no specific Star Wars caracters like Darth Vader or Wookies and so on) So is Illusionmase working on an Earth Alliance frigate by modifying the Nebulon model.
This means that half the unit and planet list is gone and we'll have to make new units and planet, if you know any units or planets feel free to let us know. We'll be also adding a minor faction to the mod: The United Galactic Federation of Planets. Thread modeled a flagship for one of their heroes not very long ago and I'm working on a model for a Carrier and I'm doing some concepts for units and stuff.

Second thing is the crew, we have a decent team but we still miss some importaint positions, heres a overview of the team we have at the moment:
Mapping: Me (Megavin123), Kkb and Patrick Kosick.
Modeling: *SGU*TheDestiny, Thread, Illusionmaze, Me (Megavin123)
Skinning: Convector, [free spot], [free spot].
Scripter: [free spot], [free spot], [free spot].
Coder: Me (Megavin123), Illusionmaze, [free spot]
rigger: Emperorniko, [free spot], [free spot]

As you can see we're in great need of a scripter and a skinner and rigger would be welcome too.

Third thing: Story

As you might have noticed I have posted several chapters of a story here recently. Those are all from the book I'm writing (Yes I'm writing a book). So the story is about how it all begun and Megavins rise to power while he's looking for the other Keyblade masters. If you like it I'll be adding the Keyblade warriors to the mod but if you don't want that I'll keep them out of the mod :)

Well, this was the news update. Have a great day and Happy new year to all of you.



Keep them in. also Great story so far

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