This is a total conversion mod for Empire at War / Forces of Corruption. It takes place right after the Battle of Geonosis in "Attack of the Clones". Replacing the Empire, Rebels and Zann Consortium with the Galactic Republic and Seperatist Alliance along with The Hutt Cartel, Pirates and Neutral Worlds.

RSS feed Tanevski says
10 Tanevski

Nov 9th, 2010 1 person agrees 1 person doesn't

Good mod

The_Darker_Side says
1 The_Darker_Side

Nov 5th, 2010 4 people agree 4 people don't

Very good and accurate to the Clone Wars how and games. 10/10

power.5000 says
10 power.5000

Nov 12th, 2010 1 person agrees 3 people don't

awsome mod love witch u updated the mod atad more with new unit buts still EPIC

97henryc says
10 97henryc

Jan 11th, 2011

No review provided

aceahspades says
10 aceahspades

Jan 10th, 2011

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TK4528 says
9 TK4528

Jan 10th, 2011

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fedos090 says
10 fedos090

Jan 10th, 2011

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Akalonor says
3 Akalonor

Jan 8th, 2011

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ninia20 says
10 ninia20

Jan 5th, 2011

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shipmaster2 says
10 shipmaster2

Jan 3rd, 2011

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