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There are alot of Clone War era mods for EAW and FOC, some similar and some different. This mod, is garunteed to be unlike any other. The developers of Star Wars- Clone Wars Mod ( Present:

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Based on the 2003- 2004 Miniseries by Genndy Tartakovsky ( who also did Samuri Jack), the Star Wars: Clone Wars Submod offers content from the Miniseries that was removed from the original mod, as well as brand new content. Now you can command massive armies along with your favorite heros and villains from the classic miniseries that beautifully covered some of the events between Episodes II and III. Fight Ventress in the hot- steamy jungles of Yavin IV, save the Jedi Enclave from total destruction on the icy world of ILum or simply crush your enemies with shear military might.

The Galaxy Is Yours For The Taking!

just an image dump

Features include but are not limited to:

Cartoon style models (mostly heros and infantry)
Episode 2 and 3 models for Anakin and Obi-Wan
New Hero Abilities
New Heros (such as Muunilist 10 and Aiwha Squad to name a few)
New Vehicles (such as Seismic Tank and SPHA-T)
New Animations
Larger Battles (both land and space)

Possible Features:
Campain Mode (still being debated on) - The campain would allow you to choose either the Republic or CIS and play through the events from the beginning of Star Wars: Clone Wars Volume 1 to the end of Star Wars: Clone Wars Volume 2.

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6 comments by Commissar_Delta on Jul 27th, 2015

So it's been a long time since I even touched this mod and a lot has happened since the last release. Lots of personal stuff. I had my heart broken and fell into a deep depression and sort of lost interest in all the things I used to enjoy. I just stopped caring about everything and as a result this mod was neglected... severely.

However, things have been looking up; I found a good woman who's been helping me get back on my feet and I've retaken up some of my old hobbies. So I want to start modding again. With that being said, I have decided to release everything that we had done from November. It's not exactly the “Clone Wars Submod 2.0” grand release that I was fantasizing about a year ago but I suppose it will do for now.

I still lack the resources to make this mod into what it could be, what I want it to be, but I can however, make it “nice and perty” and with the help of my more coding apt friends, add new game play elements. So, no fancy schmancy new models is what I'm trying to get at here.

You can expect the release of the Star Wars: Clone Wars Sub Mod 2.0-ish version sometime next week.

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Star Wars: Clone Wars Submod V1.0.1 Patch

Star Wars: Clone Wars Submod V1.0.1 Patch

Jan 5, 2014 Patch 6 comments

1.0.1 Patch for the Star Wars: Clone Wars Sub-mod. Read the description for the changelog

Star Wars- Clone Wars Submod V1.0 INSTALLER

Star Wars- Clone Wars Submod V1.0 INSTALLER

Dec 21, 2013 Full Version 15 comments

The installer version works now. Those not computer savvy enough to install it themselves can now play this epic mod

Star Wars-Clone Wars Sub-Mod Version 1.0

Star Wars-Clone Wars Sub-Mod Version 1.0

Nov 30, 2013 Full Version 21 comments

Version 1.0 of the Star Wars-Clone Wars Sub-Mod for FOC. The mod itself, is a mod of the Star Wars-Clone Wars mod by Nett40.

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Boda Jun 24 2013 says:

I have some suggestions for the mod.
Republic could use LAATs to drop infantry on the battlefield and keep them (LAATs) there.
It's how it was done in the micro-series.
To avoid spamming LAATs (an LAAT for only 9 troopers is ridiculous) that should be done only with larger unit types like companies of 5-6 squads (or how many fits in a LAAT). CR20s should be used only for squad drops.

On the CIS side, C9979s wouldn't land b1s directly but use MTTs that would stay on the battlefront.

Maybe you've done this already but all star-fighters and bombers could be used in land battles as well (like seen in the battle of the Corusant). Bombers would have bombing ability that would reload as fast as Bombing Run in EaW does.
I'm probably asking much now but maybe in future releases of the mod you could add ability for all Jedi (except Yoda) to call in their fighter and to resume the land battle in air.


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Commissar_Delta Creator
Commissar_Delta Jun 25 2013 replied:

LAATs do carry clones and have a realistic capacity, much like the AT-TE and Juggernaut. CR20s are just a transport unit and seeing that their troop capacity is significantly more than the LAAT, we had it land full companies rather than squads.

you C9979 idea is pretty good except that we have the MTT set as a transport unit.

you can already use the ARC-170 and Vulture droids in land combat. i think you can see that if you watch the mod showcase linked in the mod's description. as for your jedi ability suggestion, i have no idea if that would be possible in the game's engin

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Boda Jun 25 2013 replied:

I don't think you understood me.
I meant using LAAT as a lander when calling reinforcements. When you call reinforcements and drag clones to the battlefield LAAT deploys from an orbiting acclamator/venator and lands. After they are dropped it doesn't return to space but stays on the battlefield to support those troops.

While CR-20s have significantly larger troop capacity (40 troopers + 12 bikers max, while there's 30 troopers max in LAAT) they are just transports and they aren't designed for landing on a raging battlefront - that's what LAATs are for.
From :
"Generally, they were used in situations where the large Acclamator-class assault ships were impractical or unneeded."
So if there is an acclamator filled with LAATs in orbit (wich is almost always the case), why use CR-20s? The only time CR-20 is seen in micro series is when small company of clones were sent to aid Anakin on Yavin IV. They didn't participate in any
land battles.

I don't think I understood you.
Yes MTT should be a transport unit. C9979 just drops an MTT loaded with droids it can transport them wherever it wants.

2. I've watched the showcase video a long time ago so I don't remember but good to hear that!
I pictured jedi's ability as just calling Delta-7 or Eta-2 (depending on tech level) as reinforcements and jedi disappearing from the battlefield. Maybe the disappearing part is the problem?


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Commissar_Delta Creator
Commissar_Delta Jun 25 2013 replied:

I could easily change the transport unit to the LAAT, but making them stay on the battlefield and be commendable is impossible as far as i know. i much prefer the CR20 as a transport unit.

the C9979s dropping fully loaded MTTs instead of battle droid platoons seems a little OP to me.

yes the making them disappear would be part of the problem

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Boda Jun 26 2013 replied:

Message no. 2

Define OP. :)
CIS always (really always: in movies, in micro series, in games...) seems OP - that's their point. They come in larger numbers but weaker packages.
But you would usually drop only one or two MTT per battle and they would cost more than empty MTT and have higher pop cap (of MTT + of all those droids). According to an MTT can transport 112 b1s or 20 droidekas that's not really OP. If you are deploying b1s why would you deploy less than a hundred of them (I never do). If a b1 squad is made of 12 droids that means that an MTT can fit 9 squads (108 b1s). As for droidekas, you could pair droidekas into groups of two so 9 squads (18 droids) would go into an MTT.

Too bad :\. Idk, I thought maybe they could like die or something but you couldn't see the animation because of the fighter that landed on top of them...

Anyway, I really hope you'll reconsider the first suggestion because it's how it was done in the micro-series (and in PM and AoTC also - only MTT from Menace) and it's really possible to do that. That way you'll have something no other CW mod has.

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Boda Jun 26 2013 replied:

I'll post you two messages since it can't fit into 2000 characters.

Message no.1

Why is it impossible? It's just like calling LAAT as a reinforcement but only it's landing transport is a LAAT and not Acclamator or however you were planing to land LAATs and they aren't empty but pre-loaded with clones instead.
I don't know why you prefer CR-20. They do carry 1 more squad of clones and 8 more speeders but they aren't used for battlefronts. I mean look at beginning of the battle of Munilinst: - it just wouldn't make any sense with CR-20s.
I know it's impossible for troop lander to be shot in FoC engine but in reality (both ours and, SW reality :D), transports should support the troops they are carrying by having proper defenses.
Having a CR-20 to carry troops to the battle is like having a civilian airplane (with attached mini-gun) transport your troops instead of a fully armed chopper with missiles and other necessities. It just doesn't work. Here's why:
a CR-20 has: 2 double turbo-lasers
(that's the mini-gun on the airplane :D);
an LAAT has:
2 mass-driver missile launchers,(missiles on the chopper)
(and other necessities :D)
8 light air-to-air missiles,
4 composite beam pinpoint laser turrets,
3 Anti-personnel turrets.
I rest my case.

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Commissar_Delta Creator
Commissar_Delta Jun 26 2013 replied:

again getting the laats to function as a regular unit after they just function as a transport unit most likely wont work. the transport units model and the actual unit models operate separately. the transport model disappears after it lands the troops. another thing is, we have a separate LAAT unit that you an recruit alone. Much like the MTT, what your proposing is some sort of Russian doll effect which im not sure is entirely possible to do.

the least we can do is switch the MTT and LAAT from troop carriers (like the juggernaut in FOC) to being able to deploy troops (like the AT-ATs). I'm still keeping the CR-20 and C9979s as the transport units for infantry

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Boda Jun 26 2013 replied:

Have you played RaW?
Their AT-TE lands this way:
1) an LAAT/c lands carrying an AT-TE (model 1 - lander),
2) then drops an AT-TE (model 2 - unit that stays on the battlefiled)
3) and then AT-TE disappears from LAAT/c (replacing model 1 with model 3) and only LAAT/c returns to space.

Here's the picture:

What I'm saying is very similar:
1) having LAAT as model 1 - lander,
2) dropping loaded LAAT as model 2 that will stay on the battlefront
3) blank model 3 - nothing returns to space.

Yes there is a weird seconds-short period where you see two models of the same unit sharing the same space but it's not that bad.

Even if you don't want to do that, you could alternatively copy the same thing as with existing LAAT and MTT units you mentioned. Just land them pre-loaded. In fact, if you like CR-20s so much, don't change anything with infantry. Just add two new units: an LAAT pre-loaded with clones (3 squads) for the Republic and MTT pre-loaded with b1s (9 squads) for the CIS. Their cost would, of course, be exact the same as the existing empty LAAT and MTT but increased for the cost of troops within. There - a compromise.

When you mentioned deploying, I thought of adding a "deploy speeder clone" ability to LAATs since it is stated here: that LAAT has enough space to fit 4 speeder bikes a part from 30 troopers already considered.


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alexbond45 Jun 12 2013 says:

Could you post a new news update to replace the guide...the guide is too damn long!

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Commissar_Delta Creator
Commissar_Delta Jun 13 2013 replied:

i have nothing to update though

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alexbond45 Jun 13 2013 replied:


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Commissar_Delta Creator
Commissar_Delta Jun 15 2013 replied:

there new update. now you dont have to scroll for 10 minutes to get to the comments section

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worst mod ever 1. no proper balance 2. republic has weak ships and weak ground units 3. Gc maps maps are so sucky oh lets make a good mod and make glitches out GC maps for it 4. crashes half ways through games and makes you restart 5.CIS units many republic units **** all a cis corvett can take out a capital ships 6.balance issues to the core 7 jedi should also have big ships to command not just small ****** ships that driods rip through 8 is it going to take you another year to fix this **** or…

Dec 28 2013 by XEvilkingX

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