Star Wars: Bear Force II is a Multiplayer mod set in the Star Wars universe for Mount & Blade Warband, during the Clone Wars and Galactic Civil War era. Current(released) version is 0.36.

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Painmace says

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Its really nice for a Beta, the lightsaber animations are a bit clunky/slow. The models are really nice. Good sound effects. I started playing yesterday and after seeing that it had around 200+ players 22:00 (GMT +1 for me) i believe that it got good potential :)


Jigglelips says

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The customization, the models, the everything is so fantastic! I hope one day, maybe with bannerlord, there will be a both single, and multiplayer mod for eitehr bannerlord, or Warband that is of this quality.


CptMold says

Awesome mod, but there's room for improvement.


-What if you could use the horse slot in equipment to spawn with a speeder bike?
-Could there be more force powers to use?

Complaints/Bug Reports:

-When playing in DX7, blaster shots don't show up
-Lightsaber animations could use work
-No real benefit in being something like a battle droid

Other than that, the mod is perfect, and only the things above are stopping me from giving it a perfect 10.


Raion-Sensei says

Though i would of given it a 7, just because it doesn't have the single player element. This developer clearly states that this is a multiplayer only mod. i can respect that. So i'll give this mod the rating that it truly deserves. This mod is so well done, that it's truly astounding. Everything feels right about this mod. THere really need to be no discussions, because this mod has, "DOWNLOAD ME RIGHT NOW" written all over it. :)


Quagrunner says

Great Mod! The Star Wars feeling has been captured in its entirety!


OMEGAderf says

This is the best MP mod for warband that is out there. If anything were to be changed then make the lightsabers attack faster, add the jedi sentinel (the ones with gold lightsabers) who can also use force push (which should basically be knocking over anybody within a cone in front of the caster, kinda like the same way a horse does in native) and maybe add another sith power (force leech?). besides that best MP mod for warband :D


WombRaider says

Would of gave it higher if it wasn't my first week, a lot of effort has been put in and find this really good fun, never really play video games a lot especially on my PC and mods like this make all the difference when I do! Thank you to the team that forged this little diamond, can't wait for some updates in the near future. peaceee.


CapnCrunch17 says

SIMPLY AMAZING. MY one thing with it though is, I wish the standard blaster for the Clone Trooper could fire just a bit faster. Other than that amazing mod.


MrJeeblez says

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