Star Wars: Bear Force II is a Multiplayer mod set in the Star Wars universe for Mount & Blade Warband, during the Clone Wars and Galactic Civil War era. Current(released) version is 0.36.

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Edo2000 says

This is a awesome mod for mount & blade and i really hope it will be developed soon to get new units faction and to bring more people to play it


Gerard_bob says

3 disagree

i hate starwars....


Raion-Sensei says

Though i would of given it a 7, just because it doesn't have the single player element. This developer clearly states that this is a multiplayer only mod. i can respect that. So i'll give this mod the rating that it truly deserves. This mod is so well done, that it's truly astounding. Everything feels right about this mod. THere really need to be no discussions, because this mod has, "DOWNLOAD ME RIGHT NOW" written all over it. :)


nightfallkill says

it looks great ive seen people play on youtube since i cant play it beacause it cant find this: commonres/wb_mp_objetcs_a.brf


Republic3 says

Great mod


ThePluckyBrit says

An absolutely brilliant mod, great textures and models, brilliant new weapons on equipment, only thing it needs is more people and eventually SP support!


kallorex says

Im a big fan of starwars and MB, this put a huge smile on my face when i saw it, it is really fun to play aswell. Good job!


Gonzalord says

Best Star wars Mod ever seen, its fantastic, no, Epic!, no! Legendary! Cant wait to see more updates!


Quagrunner says

Great Mod! The Star Wars feeling has been captured in its entirety!


shorun says

Errors, weapons are clumsy, classes and maps are unbalanced, very few players.
The only real good thing about this mod is the visuals, but due to the unbalanced classes you see hordes of jedi's and very few troopers.

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