Star Wars: Bear Force II is a Multiplayer mod set in the Star Wars universe for Mount & Blade Warband, during the Clone Wars and Galactic Civil War era. Current(released) version is 0.36.

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Dr.Gabo says

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This is like another game. The creators of the mod really have worried about polish and present a really fun Star Wars universe, with epic battles. For me, one of the best mod for Warband.


usnavy30 says

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Trust me a jedi I am.


Razar_of_Pyke says

Dead mod, no casuals, might still be events every now and then, but not sure.


aleksandarkalabic90 says

May contain spoilers

Perfect for beta version. More work for full version.


nemanja2202 says

This mod has so much potential, I hope someone will continue to work on it!


Estogamo says

I would like this mod to keep up! If it's dead, I would like someone to pick this mod and improve it!


LightCheper says

Wow That Mod is asome!!!!!!


Sonne2 says

a masterpiece created by awesome modders!!!


BNSMarko says

As the general of the 501st, the biggest Legion ever on BF2, i have to say this is my favourite mod. Obviously it's a difficult conversion to make, but it's simply so unique. 10/10 I just wish this mod gets continued :)


CptMold says

Awesome mod, but there's room for improvement.


-What if you could use the horse slot in equipment to spawn with a speeder bike?
-Could there be more force powers to use?

Complaints/Bug Reports:

-When playing in DX7, blaster shots don't show up
-Lightsaber animations could use work
-No real benefit in being something like a battle droid

Other than that, the mod is perfect, and only the things above are stopping me from giving it a perfect 10.

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