Imagine if In the star wars galaxy,the armies have researched greatly to improve their technology and now their troops are armed with new weapons to defeat their enemies and conquer the universe! Now You can do that in Star Wars Battlefront! By using the Weapons Reloaded mod - A mod that will change almost every playable character's weapon and equipments.

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Auto-installer for version 4

Auto-installer for version 4

Apr 13, 2009 0 comments

Hello Everyone, As you should have already known, The auto installer for Version 4 is released, get it at the downloads section.Remember to backup your...

Special Edition of  Weapons Reloaded

Special Edition of Weapons Reloaded

Mar 11, 2009 0 comments

Hi guys, Upcoming with the next update is the release of a fun edition of Weapons Reloaded.It enables you to play as the same characters but this time...

Decemeber/January  Update

Decemeber/January Update

Dec 17, 2008 0 comments

Hi guys,Like I said,I'll be uploading the next installment of Star Wars Battlefront : Weapons Reloaded. It took a long time to make due to school work...

Next version

Next version

Sep 16, 2008 0 comments

Okay guys,there will be a new version of SWBF:WR coming out.Expect it in either November or October.Thanks!

SWB:Weapons Realoaded version 3.5

SWB:Weapons Realoaded version 3.5

Jul 25, 2008 0 comments

The Beta stage is almost over as most modding is finished,for weapons that is.For later,I will mod skins and such..mostly depending on time and ability.Thanks...

SWB:Weapons Reloaded beta 3

SWB:Weapons Reloaded beta 3

Jun 30, 2008 0 comments

Hi guys.This is a leap for the mod.It is more stable and fixed.Movements are fixed and some more characters are skinned.Hope you will like this version.Still...

"optional" patch 2.9

"optional" patch 2.9

Jun 23, 2008 1 comment

Patch 2.9 is optional as it skins,a non-skinned version will be released soon.2.9 skins and fixes the movement of some Imperial characters.People who...

Version 1.5 Beta and beyond

Version 1.5 Beta and beyond

Jun 8, 2008 0 comments

Updates and notices will be posted here at ModDB..past news may be at the website..

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