"Star Wars Battlefront United" will feel like it's part of the game, as if Pandemic actually released it.

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We've succeeded in merging both the Star Wars Battlefront and Star Wars Battlefront II campaign missions into one list. They're all accessible from the main menu rather than individually in the instant action menu. They've yet to be listed chronologically.

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(32 BBY) The Battle Of Naboo
(32 BBY) Rebellion In Theed

(23 BBY) Aggressive Negotiations
(22 BBY) The Battle Of Geonosis
(22 BBY) Attack of the Clones
(22 BBY) Assault On Kamino
(22 BBY) Mountaintop Defenses
(21 BBY) Amongst the Ruins
(19 BBY) A Desperate Rescue
(19 BBY) Heart of Darkness
(19 BBY) The Battle Of Kashyyyk
(19 BBY) First Line of Defense
(19 BBY) A Line in the Sand
(19 BBY) Underground Ambush
(19 BBY) Operation: Knightfall
(18 BBY) Imperial Diplomacy
(17 BBY) Tying up Loose Ends
(17 BBY) Preventative Measures
(12 BBY) Changing of the Guard
(00 BBY) Birth of the Rebellion
(00 BBY) Recovering the Plans
(00 BBY) Desert Extermination
(00 BBY) Siege of Mos Eisley
(00 BBY) Sabotage at Rhen Var
(00 BBY) Assault on Yavin 4
(00 ABY) The Fall of Yavin 4
(00 BBY) Prison Break
(00 ABY) Vader's Fist Strikes Back
(00 ABY) Revenge of the Empire
(03 ABY) Battle in the Clouds
(03 ABY) Liberation of Cloud City
(03 ABY) The Battle of Hoth
(03 ABY) Our Finest Hour
(04 ABY) The Battle of Endor


quick question will the original vehicles on BF1 maps still be in them in BF2?-Guineapig454

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Glitch25 Author

We've decided to use the BF2 versions. BF1 exclusive vehicles will be converted to adhere to the BF2 mechanics. It may be subject to change in the future, nonetheless this is our current choice.

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como posso baixar

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Nedarb7 Creator

Nos nao terminamos o mod. Ainda temos muitas coisas pra fazer. ;)

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