The Conversion Pack is a comprehensive add-on to the original Battlefront II. It adds 25 new maps - including all of the maps from Battlefront 1 not originally featured in Battlefront 2, 5 new gamemodes, a new era, and a substantial amount of expanded unit content to the original game.

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8 Lord_Cylarne

Jul 29th, 2013 1 person agrees 0 people don't

This mod is great and just full of potential, nice work!

Gameplay: N/A

Fun Factor: 8/10

Content: 10/10

Functionality: 6/10

Playable modes: 9/10

Learning Curve: 10/10

AI: 10/10

Balance (OP or UP stats.): 6/10

God Mode/Free camera: 9/10

New Maps: 8/10

KOTOR: 5/10

Story: N/A

User Interface: 8/10

Worth the Download: 5/10

Gotta tell you when I saw a video of Battlefront II introducing Space/ground combat in one map topped with Starfighters fighting in mid air with ground troops caping points in BF II, I was like, "whoooaaaahhhhh.... GET."

Sadly, I have not yet found the part where you can have space and ground battles in one. I was really hoping to try that. But the new units, KOTOR, and new playable modes are well done. Thank you for importing back the BF I maps, I missed Bespin by a ton!

Nothing new in gameplay elements besides new units with new guns like the Commando getting a little minigun, and nice vehicles with it and aircraft finally introduced, but I sometimes get crashes. Crashes.... are annoying f'ers but they got to get fixed.

KOTOR needs some more work on the units. The user interface blue panel you added, imo, has got to go, it kind of takes up your screen when you are so used to the vanilla BF II.

Again, the playable modes are great, but what is the point of the classic BF I conquest? I though BF II and BF I conquests were the same...

Anyways, great mod, I've been playing it a lot, well done.

Edit: I almost forgot. The Empire Commando and CIS Magnaguard (with the sabre) are OP as heck.

The commandos (like the droid commander) are not fun to play with as they only have weak and UP pistols. Not to mention they require more player points than the OP units.

Vorta_Keevan says
8 Vorta_Keevan

Dec 15th, 2013 0 people agree 0 people don't

I simply love this mod. Being a massive fan of KOTOR, I have been scouring the internet for something like this. All the new modes and all of the...just...all the content this adds is simply amazing and I hope that work continues on this as it has a huge amount of potential. Completely awesome and I hope everyone who plays Battlefront gets this.

Alucard_Sn1p3r87 says
8 Alucard_Sn1p3r87

Mar 26th, 2015

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neptali54 says
8 neptali54

May 10th, 2014

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uo123 says
8 uo123

Jun 6th, 2013

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Curmudgeonly says
8 Curmudgeonly

May 16th, 2013

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ebgames says
8 ebgames

Jul 27th, 2011

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Nihillo says
8 Nihillo

Jan 24th, 2010

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Tobit says
8 Tobit

Jan 20th, 2009

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flyngterd says
8 flyngterd

Oct 1st, 2008

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